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The Huntsman Bumps The Mummy Into A Later Release

Universal’s The Huntsman, the prequel to Snow White And The Huntsman, is being set for an April 22, 2016. The movie recently had director Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead) come aboard to take over the project and he has written …

Frank Darabont Gettting Set To Direct Snow White And The Huntsman Spin-Off With Little Or No Snow White

A year or so ago I passed along some tattle that Snow White might well be written out of the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. I got hate Tweets and e-mails about it. I guess The Wrap will be …

Frank Darabont Suing AMC For Owed Walking Dead Profits

It all seems very convoluted and will probably take a long time to sort out, but it’s certainly becoming more clear why Darabont can’t even watch the show anymore, isn’t it?

Sin City And The Mist TV Shows In The Works From The Weinsteins And Original Filmmakers

It would seem that the big screen filmmakers associated with Sin City and The Mist are preparing to take the story lines to the small screen. Here are a couple of snippets from a New York Times article on The …

Frank Darabont Candid, Jon Bernthal Diplomatic About Leaving The Walking Dead

They left The Walking Dead behind for Mob City, but the director and star still have some things to say about their departures.

Legendary Artist Drew Struzan Designs Poster For Frank Darabont’s Mob City Series

Drew Struzan has designed another classic poster for Frank Darabont’s new drama series Mob City.

First Trailer For Frank Darabont’s Mob City, Formerly Lost Angels, Formerly LA Noire

I tend to like zombie stories much more than the next man but The Walking Dead did go into a bit of spin for me after original showrunner Frank Darabont departed.

Changing Your View of Godzilla – Frank Darabont Is Writing Up A New Take On The Monster

The monster stands for something, he always has. But what?

Godzilla Getting Another Quick Rewrite From Frank Darabont

And there’s behind-the-scenes squabbling being reported too.

Walking Dead Officially Renewed For Fourth Season But It’ll Need A New Showrunner

Glen Mazarra and AMC have had a difference of opinion.

Old Episodes Of Walking Dead To Be Rebroadcast In Black And White

There is nothing wrong with your television set, please do not try to adjust the picture

Win Some Money On The Race To The Star Wars Director Chair

Including: What JJ Abrams and Jon Favreau had to say about the prospect of directing.

First Two Images From Frank Darabont’s LA Noir

Reuniting Darabont with The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal.

Saturday Trending Topics: The Undeleted Dead

Because nothing really stays dead, a little taste of what might have been: Darabont had written a season two premiere that picked up just seconds after end of ‘year one’ and detailed the main characters’ escape from Atlanta, and this …

Videos: Behind The Scenes Of The Walking Dead Season Two Finale

You may have noticed that this is the second Walking Dead story in 60 minutes. Stay tuned for at least one more an hour for the next few hours, and that includes the comics as well as TV incarnation. This …

Video: Frank Darabont’s Very Different Plans For The Walking Dead Season Two

Walker action, deleted from Drabont’s scrapped season two premiere.

Simon Pegg Will Be Joining Frank Darabont’s LA Noir Pilot

Frank Darabont’s crime drama pilot LA Noir has been attracting quite a lot of attention recently, mainly due to the fact that Jon Bernthal will be starring in the lead role and coincidentally will also be leaving The Walking Dead …

Casting For Frank Darabont’s LA Noir Seems To Have Spoiled Yet Another TV Show

Not long ago, Hannah reported on how some casting for LA Noir, the upcoming TNT show being piloted by Frank Darabont, gave away a pretty big spoiler for Walking Dead. Seems that’s not the only show to fall foul of …