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The Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Flight, Chained, Bullet To The Head, Hyde Park On Hudson, Star Wars And More

Jason Staveley and Brendon Connelly discuss action staging, product placement, casting comedy actors in serious roles and more.

Roger Rabbit Sequel “Is Going To Get Made, Trust Me” And Bob Hoskins “Is Ready To Do It”

But… hang on… what’s this Robert Zemeckis is saying?

Behind The FX Of Dredd And Zemeckis’ Flight

For your consideration.

Mini-Rushes: The Wachowskis’ TV Show, Srs Bsns For Flight, Meryl Streep Is The Witch

Brendon is “commuting,” so he missed some things. Here they are.

President Obama Chooses The Superpower Of… Doug Ramsey?

We know President Obama is a bit of a comic book geek, expressing a love of the Spider-Man and Conan comics. But what superpower would he like? You know, aside from being President and all. He told KOB-FM in New …

Breathtaking Trailer: Robert Zemeckis Returns To Live Action With Flight

I read and really dug John Gatins‘ script for Flight, and when I heard that Robert Zemeckis was going to direct the film, I was overjoyed. Then, he cast Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle, quite perfectly, and then… we heard …

Robert Zemeckis To Direct Drugs-And-Air Disaster Drama, Flight

Now that the lifelines have been cut on Robert Zemeckis‘ motion-capture experiments (which I, personally, was very interested in), he’s been turned back around to live action filmmaking. A few projects were discussed as contenders over the last few months, …