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Eva Green On Season 2 Of Penny Dreadful

Eva Green talked with E! Online about her character of Vanessa Ives on the Showtime original series Penny Dreadful. Having been possessed by demons, Green talks about what Ives may do next, if she wants to exorcise those demons or …

Teaser Trailer For Second Season Of Penny Dreadful

Showtime has released a teaser trailer for the second season of Penny Dreadful. The series, created by John Logan, uses public domain characters like Dracula, Victor Frankenstein and Dorian Gray and mixes them into a dark and suspenseful series. Penny …

Heroes And Villains Featurettes For 300: Rise Of An Empire Show Us Who To Root For

Well, nothing wrong with rooting for the bad guys from time to time.

First Proper Teaser For Penny Dreadful – Eva Green Goes Wild For The Cross

Did somebody say “psycho-sexual”?

New Trailer For 300: Rise Of An Empire Takes To The High Seas

The whole stylized, violent epic thing has been done a few times and started to feel a bit stale since then, but this looks pretty cool.

Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame To… Die For?

Get the noose ready – she’s a Dame to Die For.

Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For Postponed Until Next Year

The October release for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has been scrapped and the film will now be released on 22nd August next year. This makes it two Eva Green vs. green screen pictures to be punted out …

New Images And Character Details From 300 Sequel, Rise Of An Empire

Get to know Themistokles and Artemisia.

First Image Of Eva Green As 300: Rise Of An Empire’s Big Bad

I don’t know if Rise of an Empire will try to tackle the same ideas as the first 300, but I bet you anything it’s every bit as eroticised.

First Images From 300: Rise Of An Empire, Some Chat About The Film’s Battles

The first images from the 300 follow-up, 300: Rise of an Empire, do look remarkably consistent with the style of the first film.

The Dame To Kill For Has Been Found – It’s Eva Green, Retrospectively Obviously

Frank Miller described the character as “every man’s most glorious dreams come true, she’s also every man’s darkest nightmares.”

Another Dark Shadows Trailer – “It Is With Sincere Regret That I Must Now Kill All Of You”

We’re less than three weeks out from Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows and the belated promotions are in full steam. Every new detail has added a drop more interest for me. I remember, in my youth, watching Beetlejuice several times at …

Another TV Spot For Dark Shadows Squeezes In More Horror Tropes, More Gags

An angry mob with torches, you say? Or how about that old toothbrushing gag about vampires? The new TV promo for Dark Shadows has you covered on both fronts. It’s not really Dark Shadows as its fans knew it and …

Full-Bodied New Promo Posters For Dark Shadows

The latest character posters for Dark Shadows take a rather more heads-shoulders-knees-and-toes approach. There’s a curious application of desaturation too. Gotta get some monochrome in there somehow, I guess – there is some Tim Burton-ness to sell.

Rather Different Dark Shadows TV Spots And Comfy Looking Cinema Promo – UPDATED

If you spot the following Dark Shadows “installation” in your local megaplex, you’re invited to take a seat, take a snap and take a moment to tweet it. At least it looks rather comfortable. That was tweeted a few days …

Stylish New Dark Shadows Cast Image, A Tiny Bit More Footage, Other Bits And Pieces

The official site for Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows has launched, and brought with it this very stylish cast image. I think this is quite clearly exaggerated, but looking at the clips, we can see that Burton and cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel …

Dark Shadows Close-Up: What We Can Tell From The First Few Seconds Of Footage?

Just a few seconds of footage from Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows have made their way to the web. In the spirit of slightly scary obsessiveness (that’s the spirit I’m going to leave behind to haunt you all when I’m dead and …

New Dark Shadows Images Show Off The Special Guests, Give Better Look At The Stars

If this were a Carry On movie, both parts of that headline would refer to the fuller-length shot of Eva Green but, no, I’m not just dribbling on about boobs for a cheap laugh, I’m trying not to spoil who …