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For The Sentimental Amongst You – Star Wars May Revert To May Release Dates

Maybe there really is such a thing as Summer movie season still.

First Images From The Abu Dhabi Set Of Star Wars: Episode VII

And let the speculation begin.

Oxford Student Maisie Richardson-Sellers Now Rumored For Star Wars: Episode VII

Are they really going to make us wait for May 4th for an official announcement?

Star Wars Episode VII Is Headed Back To Tatooine‏

So, that’s a little puzzle piece for us.

Peter Mayhew Is Back As Chewbacca For Star Wars 7, Disney Admit Filming Has Started‏

So there we go. All the mystery will be sucked out of this box before you know it. Within reason, anyway. And that suits me just fine.

Report: First Two Weeks Of Star Wars 7 Filming Will Be On Location in Morocco‏

While the great extent of production will happen with all of the secrecy that Pinewood Studios can afford, it seems that the first two weeks might be utterly, totally public.

Maybe Peter Mayhew Will Be Back To Play Chewbacca Again After All‏

All evidence here is circumstantial but it’s a nice possibility and I think some Bleeding Cool readers will be rather heartened to hear it.

Star Wars: Episode VII Is Set 30 Years After Return Of The Jedi; Filming Begins In May

I can’t help but feel like this means real official casting news may finally be very, very close as well.

Video: Billy Dee Williams’ Star Wars Routine From Dancing With The Stars

If you can’t guess what Billy Dee William’s dancing partner will be wearing then I suppose you’re still waiting for your first coffee of the day.

Lupita Nyong’o Up For Star Wars Episode VII Role

Really hope this one happens.

A Shortlist Of Actors For Star Wars Episode VII’s Good Boy Jedi Hero

If this intel is correct, the lead of Star Wars Episode VII is a young male Jedi and he’s not amongst the offspring of Luke, Leia or Han Solo.

Star Wars Episode VII Has Found Its Villain And It’s… Adam From Girls. Wow

That’s the same Adam Driver that was in the mix for Lex Luthor. I think Driver is a fantastic actor so I’m more than happy to see him in high profile roles.

Star Wars Episode VII Rumour Squasher – Jack Reynor’s Agents Deny The Ain’t It Cool Report

Typically these denials come with some narrow wriggle room.

Report: Jack Reynor Cast In Star Wars Episode VII

Will be seen on screen with Transformers this summer but you can already check him out in Lenny Abrahamson’s sublime What Richard Did.

This Really Seems To Be Star Wars: Episode VII Concept Art And It Seems To Feature The Millennium Falcon

It might just be pareidolia but I think I can also see some guy with a bald pink head.

Report: Star Wars Episode VII To Shoot From May To December, Principal Casting Mainly Complete‏

It’s all happening, for real.

C-3PO Turns Silver For Star Wars Episode 7 Magazine Cover – UPDATED: It’s A Clones Clone

C-3PO does his best E-3PO.

Funny Rumour: Dame Judi Dench To Play Mon Mothma In Star Wars Episode VII‏

While I find this rumour quite amusing, I’m not sure I believe it.