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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – The Title For Episode VII?

Looks like it… Star Wars: The Force Awakens has completed principal photography. #StarWarsVII #TheForceAwakens pic.twitter.com/mFTP9YbKNN — Star Wars (@starwars) November 6, 2014 Episode VIII, The Force Hits ‘Snooze’ For Another Five Minutes?

Report: JJ Abrams And Kathleen Kennedy Want Star Wars Episode VII Pushed Back To May 2016

Let’s boil this down to it’s bones. Latino Review are saying that JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy would rather have more time to get Star Wars: Episode VII ready and prefer the idea of releasing on May 4th 2016. Meanwhile, Disney’s …

Lego Recreate The Star Wars Read-Through With Some Nice Jokes And References

One of the most seen photographs of 2014 is undoubtedly the official shot of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast and crew read through. In nerd terms, it won’t get bigger than that. But it did just get a lot …

Rumour: Simon Pegg Is In Star Wars: Episode VII

I sat and spoke to Pegg for 25 minutes yesterday. He didn’t show obvious signs of an Abu Dhabi tan.

The Millennium Falcon And Another Familiar Ship Turn Up In New Episode VII Set Pictures

Old, old designs are coming back into play again.

Lupita Nyong’o And Gwendoline Christie Cast In Star Wars Episode VII

Nyong’o was not a surprise, and is expected to be playing a descendent of Obi Wan, while Christie was previously not discussed.

What Can We Tell From These New Star Wars Episode VII Set Pictures? – TOO LATE

IMAGES REMOVED BY REQUEST SOME OF THE ORIGINAL COPY FOLLOWS There is a popular misconception that the Star Wars prequels shied away from practical effects wherever possible and dived head first into CG. This myth was certainly boosted by Lucasfilm …

Carrie Fisher Wants To “Get Princess Leia Right” In Star Wars: Episode VII

Naturally, her appearance in front of the crowd at the fest was short on actual story details about the new movie.

Thea And Liana Shengelaya Filmed Four Days On Star Wars: Episode VII

Might be a while before we find out any substantial official info, so let us speculate over these morsels of hints.

JJ Abrams And An Alien Appear In A Video Message From The Set Of Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars can do some good, and JJ Abrams is trying to make sure it does.

A Star Wars Spy Reports Chewbacca And Stormtroopers In The Snow

It’s cold out here for a Wookiee.

The Latest Star Wars Casting Rumours And Why We Think They’re Probably, Not Definitely, Right

There’s real reason to think Katie Jarvis and Maisie Richardson-Sellers will be in Star Wars Episode VII and you don’t need the trade papers, Disney or Lucasfilm’s permission to take the possibility seriously.

RUMOR: Details About Adam Driver’s Star Wars: Episode VII Character

If true, I’m intrigued.

Rumour: Star Wars Episode VII Will Be Subtitled The Ancient Fear

I get it. Ancient vs. New, Fear vs. Hope. Even Phantom Menace chimes with Ancient Fear in some way.

JJ Abrams And Lawrence Kasdan’s Star Wars Video At Least Has Promise

There’s more casting coming. Hopefully soon. Maybe today, before midnight? No such chance.

At Least One More Major Female Role To Be Cast In Star Wars: Episode VII

This cast is already in great shape and can only improve with the addition of more great actresses/female characters.

The Official Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Announced – UPDATED

We knew something was coming tonight. Earlier, Brendon said: There has been some in-the-shadows talk that we’ll not necessarily have to wait that long But even still, it seemed like something would be saved for May 4th. It won’t be the thing …

The Status Quo Of Star Wars Casting Just A Few Days Before The Official Announcement

It’s widely expected that May 4th, the punningly-selected Star Wars day, will see our next official announcements from Lucasfilm on Episode VII.