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JJ Abrams Expects John Williams To Score His Star Wars Movie

Presumably because Peter Bernstein and Ian Fraser will be busy, JJ Abrams is expecting the score to his Star Wars episode to come from saga stalwart, John Williams.

FOOL: Video: Leaked Pre-Viz From JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII – Rise Of The Skywalkers

The first pre-viz footage from the next Star Wars instalment has leaked online. You might be very, very surprised at who shows up.

George Lucas Had “Signed” Hamill, Fisher And Ford For New Star Wars Before Disney Became Involved

It seems that Lucasfilm’s plans for a new Star Wars trilogy were actually rather advanced before the Disney deal took place. Rumours did start as far back as 2009, and those original stories are looking more and more on the money day by day.

Lucasfilm’s Quoteful JJ Abrams’ Announcement, Lawrence Kasdan And Simon Kinberg “Advising”

Quotes from all and sundry. And all’s dog and sundry’s mother.

Star Wars Gig Attracts David Fincher And Jon Favreau

The odd couple. Could either of them have the job already? Or come back later in the series?

Flight Of The Navigator Remake Hooks Colin Trevorrow And Derek Connolly

I’m pretty sure it will be better than the original.

Jason Flemyng Seems To Think Matthew Vaughn Will Direct The Next Star Wars

Is Flemyng confused? Pulling our leg? Or throwing a huge bit of news out there?

Now Colin Trevorrow Says He Isn’t Directing Star Wars – The One Rumour I Actually Believed, He’s Nixing

Let’s draw another ball in this game of four-dimensional bingo.

Just Two Directors In The Running For The Star Wars Gig

Producer Frank Marshall says he knows who has the job.

Lucasfilm Say Pre-Production On Episode 7 Is Beginning, Confirm Writer

“Pre-production begins” what? Really? Actual pre-production?

Star Wars Sequel Novelist Timothy Zahn Discusses The Upcoming Movies

Fitting the Thrawn trilogy into the cinematic masterplan.