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House Of Cards’ Corey Stoll Joining Ant-Man

Edgar Wright sure is casting a lot of basically interchangeable guys to make trying to guess who everyone’s playing as difficult as possible.

Patrick Wilson Joining Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man

So who could he be playing? Dear lord, is Eric O’Grady also in this thing?

Evangeline Lilly Gets Ant-Man Female Lead

We still don’t know who she is, but now we know who will be playing her.

Michael Pena Offered An Unspecified Role In Ant-Man

Marvel won’t confirm this report (what else is new?) but Pena is said to be interested so this probably has a decent shot of working out.

Marvel Officially Confirms Paul Rudd Is Ant-Man

Well, that was fast.

Edgar Wright And JJ Abrams’ Collider Appears To Be A Serious And Scary Horror Film

“Edgar’s movies have a certain tone, and this one might be a little unexpected because the main thing we’re going for is scary,” says the film’s writer.

New Ant-Man Casting Call Gives Some Clues – But Which Ant-Man Are We Looking At Here?

Hank Pym, Scott Lang, Eric O’Grady – which Ant Man is Edgar Wright bringing to the big screen?

Marvel’s Ant-Man Favourites Said To Be Paul Rudd And Joseph Gordon Levitt

It’s seemed inevitable that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would get a superhero role at some point. Would fans think this is the right one, however?

Edgar Wright Gets Back To Work On Ant-Man

Edgar Wright Tweets an image of Ant-Man but don’t get too carried away, it could well be an old iage.

Marvel Reschedule Ant-Man To The Summer To Avoid A Nasty Spy-Off

Originally, Marvel’s Ant-Man was on the calendar for November 2015, but now the studio have decided to bring the picture forward to July 31st.

Edgar Wright Planning “Very Visual” Horror Film, Still Working On Bad Robot Sci-FI Film‏

It’s become something of a convention, I suppose, that interviews with film directors rooted in the geekosphere end with a little bit of newsmining. A great example if a new piece with Edgar Wright at The Playlist. Actually, Wright notes …

Patrick Vs The World’s End – Afterwards They Will Explode

We spent a fair bit of time speaking with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright at San Diego Comic Con. Here’s the first of our reports.

Patrick Vs Comic Con – The World’s End – Afterwards They Will Explode

Patrick Willems continues his journey to San Diego Comic Con, and this time gets to see The World’s End and shake Edgar Wright by the hand as he promises himself he would. But how? Here’s how. Catch his previous episodes …

I Don’t Think Simon Pegg Has Been Cast As Ant Man, I Think He’s Just Pulling Our Legs

It’s easy to jump to conclusions.

Who Wants To See The World’s End For Free? (UPDATE)

So we have a prize. To see the World’s End. Out in the US on the 23rd August, Canada last week on the 6th August and the UK back in the 19th July. Here’s what’s on offer. $50 Visa gift …

The Annotated, Illustrated Screenplay For Shaun Of The Dead

I’d recommend going into full screen mode for this.

Listen: New Music From David Lynch, The Soundtracks To Only God Forgives And The World’s End

A selection of some great new music that you can listen to right now.

New World’s End Promo Profiles Director Edgar Wright

So, okay, we know this chap’s name and he’s got a fanclub of the likes we rarely see in Blighty, but what’s so special about Edgar Wright anyway?