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Corey Stoll Talks About The Kinetic Experience Of Ant-Man

In a recent interview, Collider talked with upcoming Ant-Man villain Corey Stoll (House of Cards, The Strain). Stoll is slated to play Darren Cross / Yellowjacket and confirmed that he was actually cast by Edgar Wright and is sticking with …

“Edgar Wright Was Right” – Who Will Join The Lone Ant Man Protester At Comic Con?

It’s tough being an Ant Man fan, sometimes. He’s a great character with a rich history in the Marvel Universe, done by an array of distinguished creators, seemingly right on the cusp of mainstream movie glory as part of the Marvel …

Kevin Feige Says Peyton Reed Is The Right Man For Ant-Man

At a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy this morning in London, Marvel Studios‘ head man Kevin Feige was asked by IGN.com why Peyton Reed was the right man to helm Ant-Man. Reed, who was once being considered to direct …

Ant-Man Movie Hires Two New Writers

Latino-Review.com is reporting that Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man movie has hired on writers Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer. So does that mean script based on Edgar Wright’s original idea and then revised by Adam McKay is in trouble? Not necessarily. It …

Marvel Looking At Tom Hardy And Benedict Cumberbatch For Doctor Strange, Peyton Reed And David Wain For Ant-Man

Earlier today, I was tipped off that Marvel would like to speak to Benedict Cumberbatch about Doctor Strange. I’ve been firing off e-mails and calls trying to find out how real this is. Apparently it’s a little bit real, as …

Adam McKay Is The New Director Of Ant-Man – UPDATED: Not Any More

There’s been a lot said about Edgar Wright’s decision to leave Ant-Man and quite what creative differences had sprung up between the director and Marvel Studios.

Essential 8 Comic Book Movies – From Portland, With Kleenex And Ricola

By Erik Grove Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of the summer. In Portland the sun is now marginally more present than the clouds and the rose bushes that next to my driveway that like to hook onto my …

Video: Comparing Edgar Wright’s Comedy To Contemporary American Films

Of course, there’s also the contrary argument that this is video is just in love with novelty and showing-off…

Tweeted Then Deleted: Edgar Wright’s Sad Cornetto Picture

Unfortunately, Edgar Wright is bound to be grilled about his decision to step away from Ant-Man for several years to come and I doubt that the questions will stop long after he’s covered the story in every way he wants …

James Gunn’s Surprisingly Touching Comments On The Marvel And Edgar Wright Split

James Gunn has written an unprompted and unexpected update, making clear his feelings about the situation with Marvel Studios, Edgar Wright and Ant-Man.

Joss Whedon Salutes Edgar Wright With The Cornetto Of Solidarity As Ant-Man Situation Starts To Come Clear

We don’t know, yet, what led Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios to uncouple over Ant-Man but there have, of course, been stories and speculation.

House Of Cards’ Corey Stoll Joining Ant-Man

Edgar Wright sure is casting a lot of basically interchangeable guys to make trying to guess who everyone’s playing as difficult as possible.

Patrick Wilson Joining Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man

So who could he be playing? Dear lord, is Eric O’Grady also in this thing?

Evangeline Lilly Gets Ant-Man Female Lead

We still don’t know who she is, but now we know who will be playing her.

Michael Pena Offered An Unspecified Role In Ant-Man

Marvel won’t confirm this report (what else is new?) but Pena is said to be interested so this probably has a decent shot of working out.

Marvel Officially Confirms Paul Rudd Is Ant-Man

Well, that was fast.

Edgar Wright And JJ Abrams’ Collider Appears To Be A Serious And Scary Horror Film

“Edgar’s movies have a certain tone, and this one might be a little unexpected because the main thing we’re going for is scary,” says the film’s writer.

New Ant-Man Casting Call Gives Some Clues – But Which Ant-Man Are We Looking At Here?

Hank Pym, Scott Lang, Eric O’Grady – which Ant Man is Edgar Wright bringing to the big screen?