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Unofficial Animated Web Series As Sequel To Dredd Movie

The push for a sequel to the movie Dredd starring Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby is still going, but until then, we are getting this: Dredd producer Adi Shankar has put together an animated web series focusing on the Dark Judges story …

55 More Cosplay Photos From NYCC

We have 55 more cosplay photos from the convention floor at the New York Comic Con. These photos were taken by Ray Flook, Derek Trum and Thom Dunn. Enjoy!

Olivia Thrilby Thanks Fans For Dredd 2 Support

Wednesday was the “Day of Dredd”, a big push to tell the studio that fans want a sequel to the action film starring Karl Urban and Olivia Thrilby. A sequel to Dredd has been talked about constantly since the films …

16 Comic Book Covers By Artists Better Known For Their Writing – Grant Morrison To Alan Moore To Jim Shooter

It’s all gone a bit Buzzfeed here, hasn’t it? Anyway… Some writers conceal hidden artistic talents. Often for a reason. But, with Bleeding Cool running Grant Morrison‘s cover for Multiversity #1 (above) that felt like a great chance to show …

ECCC ’14: Dredd 2 Next On Alex Garland’s Books?

By one of our West Coast corespondents Gavin Lees: This year’s Emerald City Comicon featured a number of film screenings at Seattle’s historic Cinerama, with some of the stars in attendance.  Saturday night’s main event was Dredd 3D, with star …

Karl Urban Again Alleges That Lionsgate Have Spoken To Alex Garland About A Sequel To Dredd

Karl Urban has a habit of lightly trolling fandom. Do you remember his “first footage from Star Trek Into Darkness” stunt?

Unofficial Dredd, Unofficial X-Men – Sunday Trending Topics

Remixed, reimagined, recontinued. The comic is clearly not an officially licensed product and the book contains no credits, though the website reveals its the work of Colin Panetta. And it’s a rather fun, recreating and repurposing of Stan and Jack’s …

Watch Cursed Edge, The Unofficial, Fan-Made Sequel To Last Year’s Dredd Movie

I still don’t think there’s even the slightest chance of an official sequel to Dredd and the best we can hope for now is a rebooted version somewhere down the line. Or maybe this…

Thursday Runaround – Dredding New York Comic Con

HATE POLITICS Mark Millar nails his political colours to the mast; No matter how much my life has changed in recent years, I only have to hear Cameron’s benefit plans to recall how I despise Conservatives. — Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) …

This Dredd Day Of Action Isn’t Going To Get The Film A Sequel But There Are Other Reasons It’s A Nice Idea

Nothing you do is going to get a Dredd sequel greenlighted. These films just cost too much money to not have some degree of crossover success. Dredd didn’t have crossover appeal and sequelising it isn’t going to work.

The Dredd Day of Action or Why There’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy Dredd (UPDATE – Now £5 On DVD)

Alasdair Stuart writes; One year ago to the day, Dredd was released. It was brilliant; a perfect storm of faithful adaptation, inventively clever violence and a cast and crew without a single weak link. Even the ethos behind it was …

A New Creator Owned Comic By D’Israeli And Rob Williams From Judge Dredd Megazine Next Week

Judge Dredd Megazine is launching a new creator-owned superhero series next week with Prog 340, Ordinary by Rob Williams and D’Israeli. What if one day everyone on the planet woke up with superpowers? Except one. Middle-aged divorcee plumber Michael Fisher …

A Sequel To The Dredd Film In Comics, And An Appeal For One In Film, For Judge Dredd Megazine Next Week

Next week’s Judge Dredd Megazine, Prog 340, begins a story that’s set directly after the Dredd 3D movie, with design, styling, continuity and characters from the movie. But what chance is there of a movie sequel? Well… there is a …

2000AD’s Official Petition For A Dredd Sequel

Karl Urban lives in hope that, somehow, somewhere, someone will fund a sequel to Dredd.

A Page Of Art From The Dredd Movie Sequel – Which Isn’t Itself A Movie. At Least Yet

A new, three part story set in the Dredd 3D movieverse and after the events of last year’s movie is to appear in The Megazine later this year, kicking off in September.

Dredd Movie Sequel Might Still Be On The Cards Say Rebellion, 2000AD’s Publishers

Two little bits of Judge Dredd business came out of this afternoon’s Retailers Conference at the MCM London Comic-Con. I’m going to share the film-centric one first. Because, you know. Films.

Karl Urban Says A Dredd Sequel Is “Not Off The Agenda”

Karl Urban likes to get it done at breakfast.

New Trailer For The Judge Dredd Fanfilm, Judge Minty; Word On “Official Unofficial” New Dredd Short

One Judge Dredd film by the fans, another by one producer of last year’s feature.