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Full Teaser Trailer For Disney’s Big Hero 6, The First Animated, Theatrical Feature From A Marvel Comic

Is this the first use of 3D printing in a mainstream, studio sci-fi film? It won’t be the last.

A New Look At Hiro And Baymax From Disney’s Animated Marvel Comic Adaptation, Big Hero 6

This is the protagonist and his robot surrogate brother. We could be some way out from finished animation images of the characters but these peeks at promotional materials will keep me interested in the meantime.

Disney Animators Get Decked Out In Big Hero 6 Temporary (?) Tattoos

There’s a lot you can learn from where an animator decides to get their Big Hero 6 tattoo. Well, okay, maybe not. But if phrenology can catch on, surely anything can.

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Revealed – Lots And Lots Of New Plot And Character Details

Here’s everything we can tell you right now about Marvel Studios’ first big screen animated movie.

Marvel And Disney’s Big Hero 6 To Feature The Teen-Speak Stylings Of Easy A’s Bert V. Royal

I think Big Hero 6 is going to be a big surprise for Marvel fans and Disney fans alike, but everything I’m digging up on the film makes it both look and sound very fresh and potentially really exciting.

Meet The Characters Of Disney And Marvel’s Big Hero 6… In The Fog

From left to right, I think, this would be GoGo Tomago, Wasabi-No Ginger, Hiro, BayMax, Honey Lemon And Fred. Slightly reinvented from the comics, of course.

Disney And Marvel’s Big Hero 6 Animated Movie Given November 2014 Release Date

Disney have yet to officially announce anything much about their animated film of the Marvel comics series Big Hero 6, but something has finally happened.

Are Disney Actually, Really Working On An Animated Marvel Movie?

Ever since Marvel became part of the Mickey Mouse Empire, we’ve regularly heard rumours that the studio would bring their new, four-coloured characters over to The Magic Kingdom and realise some kind of crossover. None of these rumours have been …

Five New Winnie The Pooh Images, UK Release Date Set For April

And with these pictures comes the beautiful news that Winnie the Pooh‘s UK release is on April 15, months ahead of the US. Seems only fair.

Disney Reveal Two New Winnie The Pooh Pictures And Lots Of Details

The first official images from next year’s Winnie the Pooh feature don’t have the watercolours-on-white-paper look we were originally promised, but they do look like classic Disney toonmanship. They’ve been issued by Dinsey PR today, alongside a bunch of new …