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Swipe File: Forever Evil (SPOILERS) And Doctor Who

This is how the world ends, with the final page of Forever Evil #5. And this is that bit from Christmas’ Doctor Who: The Time Of The Doctor. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each …

A Brief Musical Tour Of Doctor Who – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes: I’d been thinking about the music of Doctor Who for a while and had hoped someone would write about it. Since no one has, I thought I’d give it a try, since it’s a major component of …

Want A Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who Or Father Ted Nod In Captain America 2? How About The Only Way Is Essex? Mrs. Brown’s Boys?

This is one of the strangest bits of movie news I’ve ever had the pleasure to write.

Has Matt Smith Really Left Doctor Who? (SPOILERS)

Well, it all depends how you define “left”.  Spoiler goggles on folks, head down, as Bleeding Cooler Lynda Matthews writes after popping by the current Doctor Who shoot in Cardiff this week. She writes what she, at least, thinks was …

13 Photos of 13th Doctor Peter Capaldi Filming On The Streets Of Cardiff

Our reporter Joe Glass found himself right at the scene of filming for the new Doctor Who episode that will introduce fans to Peter Capaldi in action, all being filmed in Cardiff. Joe comments, “Peter Capaldi is an absolutely charming …

Titan Gets The Licence To Publish Doctor Who Comics

Well, we kinda worked it out last year. But now it’s been officially confirmed. Titan Comics have the North American Doctor Who comics license from BBC Worldwide. As for the rest of the rumour, that Titan comics would take the …

Even The First Peter Capaldi Toy Doesn’t Reveal The New Doctor Who Costume

You know want one, so you can play Malcolm Tucker games on the weekend.

JMS Has His Doctor Who Story All Mapped Out

When I got the chance to tell a Doctor Who story, for IDW’s comics line, I used a story I’d had in my head for years, Room With A Deja Vu, with a criminal case taking place in a space …

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Fan Art From 1976

It’s been hypothesised that this was either Vulcan or Vortis. I don’t know. Looks craggy, but I’m liking the rendering of the light.

New eBook Fills Out The Time Of The Doctor With Four Tales Of Trenzalore‏

Without Matt Smith to surprise me with his performance I might well skip this. Do let me know if I’m missing out on anything special.

Could The Doctor’s New Costume Be Pyjamas? Doesn’t Seem Likely, Does It, But… (UPDATED With Video)

Filming continues on the first pair of Doctor Who episodes of the Peter Capaldi era under director Ben Wheatley. Tonight, they’re shooting a sequence in which The Doctor hops on the back of a horse for some high-speed riding. Well, …

Steven Moffat Promises Unbroken Runs Of Doctor Who For Both This Year And Next

Of course, the “unbroken” bit doesn’t mean there won’t be Christmas specials. Or, you know, if they had some other special they wanted to stick on the calendar somewhere.

Official First Image Of Peter Capaldi Filming The New Series Of Doctor Who – UPDATE: Second Pic

From the filming of the first episodes in the run, also the first to shoot. The first was written by Steven Moffat and the second by Phil Ford, both are being directed by Ben Wheatley.

When Doctor Who Films At Your Workplace And A Sontaran Takes Time Out

When you live and work in Cardiff, Wales, you get used to film crews. Still, when a Sontaran takes time out for a sitdown, it’s time to pull out the smartphone. Simon Clements works at Blue Bot Design, where he …

The Doctor Who Event That May Be A Lot Smaller On The Inside

There is a Doctor Who event called, well, The Doctor Who Event, happening later this year at the University of North Florida. The website promises an appearance by Sixth Doctor Colin Baker at the October show, as well as appearances …

The Curator Speaks – Tom Baker On His Secret Trip To Cardiff

In a post on his website, the amazing Tom Baker took to wishing everyone a Happy New Year and reminiscing about 2013. This led quickly to his cameo in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor. Though you …

Deleted Scene From The Time Of The Doctor And A Ten-Minute Making-Of

There was a whole subplot cut from The Time of the Doctor about a Weeping Angel, a petrified leg and a bit of self-amputation. This deleted scene isn’t from *that* subplot.

Christmas Swag – From Sandman to Doctor Who

When we go to comic cons, we usually post swag shots, but Christmas often blesses us with plenty of geek delight, too. Inspired by seeing comics people posting their hauls on Facebook, I decided to share what friends and family …