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Strange You Can Believe In – Where Are Our Doctor Strange Comics Already?

By Mike Federali With so many rumors about a live action Doctor Strange movie how isn’t there an All-New All-Different Doctor Strange book on the shelves? The last great Doctor Strange story I read was The Oath by Brian K. …

Elevator Pitch: What Hero Do You Want To See On The Silver Screen? Doctor Strange!

By Gary Turner Hey! Got some good responses from our Nova pitch last week. Guess young Sam is more popular than I had realized. It was a fun way to kick things off. This week I’m afraid we’re going to …

Marvel’s Supposed Shortlist Of Doctor Strange Directors Shines Some Light On A Recent Casting Rumour

[Note: I know Linda covered this brilliantly well last night, but my draft gets into different territory so we considered it worth running too]

Doctor Strange Director Shortlist: Mark Andrews, Jonathan Levine, Nikolaj Arcel and Dean Israelite

Phew. So many comic book movies, so little time.

Everybody Steps Down From Johnny Depp Doctor Strange Claims, Film Back On Drawing Board

Meanwhile, he could be back in to play Whitey Bulger in Black Mass, now to be directed by Scott Cooper.

Marvel Wants Johnny Depp To Be Doctor Strange

But, “early discussions” is the key here.

Ayn Rand Gets Comic Biography On-Line… For Free

You’ve heard the name, Ayn Rand… she was brought up a lot during the 2012 elections in relation to Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan who stated his belief in her views… though he tried to back away from them …

What Were They Thinking? – Extraño

In 1988 DC Comics had just completed the Millennium event and spun a new series from it called The New Guardians. The series ran only twelve issues before being canceled. Not exactly sure what DC was going for here, perhaps …

John Romita Jr On Leaving Marvel For Superman, And Working With Neil Gaiman, Mark Waid, Jonathan Ross And More Mark Millar

At San Diego Comic Con, Bleeding Cool broke the rumour that John Romita Jr, dissatisfied with contractual arrangements with Marvel, was considering not renewing his Marvel contract, and taking up DC Comics’ offer of Superman. We were told by Marvel …

Rumour: Marvel Want Joseph Gordon Levitt To Be Their Doctor Strange

And I don’t blame them. I suspect that Levitt’s agent’s phone is rarely silent.

Doctor Strange’s Movie Origin – Tuesday Trending Topics

From the sounds of it, and presuming this is mostly true, many of the elements of Doc’s origin that they’re using for the film are from Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #45 (1992) by Roy Thomas and Geof Isherwood. Of course, …

Rumour: The Beginnings Of Marvel’s Doctor Strange Movie Plot

This seems to come from a draft by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, and obviously, even if it’s 100% accurate today, it simply won’t be by the time it reaches the screen.

Rumour: Doctor Strange Movie To Feature Hat Trick Of Most Obvious Villains

I thought Dormammu is what Vic Reeves says when somebody gets an answer right on Shooting Stars.

Marvel, DC Comics, Charlton, Tower, Warren Magazine Artist Dan Adkins 1937-2013

Vanguard Productions publisher J. David Spurlock has reported on his facebook page that comic book penciler and inker Dan Adkins died last week at age 76.  Adkins worked for several publishers from the late 1960s through the mid-1980s, perhaps best remembered for his noteworthy …

The Doctor Strange Casting Rumours Begin – Justin Theroux For Stephen Strange

Kevin Feige has copped to the fact that Doctor Strange is part of Marvel Studio’s phase 3 plans, alongside Ant Man. It wouldn’t be crazy to think it could come along as early as April 2016.

BC Mag #3: The Black Bolt List

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston Every year, the US film industry issues its Black List, a collection of unproduced screenplays of the highest quality, often as a way of shaming people into actually making the films. Django Unchained, …

Doctor Strange On The Marvel Movie Slate – Friday Trending Topics

Doctor Strange heading to the big screen? Interesting news, and when you look at who’s left in the Marvel Silver Age pantheon (who isn’t being done by another studio) Doctor Strange is a pretty logical choice — though a successful …

Doctor Strange Confirmed For Marvel Movieverse Phase 3

Plus hints at other new characters.