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Is Superior Spider-Man #30 Solicitation Actually The Last Issue Of The Series? And An All-New Marvel Now Spider-Man Starting In April?

In Marvel’s solicitations for March, they list Superior Spider-Man #29 and #30 as parts three and four of the five part storyline Goblin Nation. But I’m being told by connected sources told that this is a fake out. That the …

The Arms Of Michael Costa And The Return Of Doctor Octopus In All New X-Men, Indestructible Hulk And Superior Spider-Man

Michael Costa is best known for his War Of Warcraft comics. Possibly his Transformers and GI Joe comics. Maybe his Jack Hawksmoor comic if you can remember that far back. He wrote the Blackhawks book for the New 52. But …

“The World’s Deadest Superhero” – Amazing Spider-Man #700 Second Print Cover

Ouch. From happier versions;

Rape, Redemption And The Amazing Spider-Man (Spoilers)

There are spoilers for those who have not yet read Amazing Spider-Man #700 or Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, published today. Go no further if not… As has been stated a number of times “If you have to ask if it’s rape, …

Wednesday Trending Topics: The Unsuspecting Spider-Man

Is there such a thing as Too Much Information in the social media era?┬áToday, Marvel published Amazing Spider-Man #699, the follow up to the explosive twist in Amazing Spider-Man #698. So, you know, spoilers. You know the forum has something …

When Peter Parker Had Sex With Aunt May (SPOILERS)

Today, Marvel published Amazing Spider-Man #699, the follow up to the explosive twist in Amazing Spider-Man #698. So, you know, spoilers.

Speculator Corner: Did Superior Spider-Man Begin In Amazing Spider-Man #600?

So Amazing Spider-Man #698 is selling from between $5 and $13 on eBay… but where did it all begin? Could it be a certain scene in Amazing Spider-Man #600? The issue saw Otto Octavius coming to terms with the damage …

Why You Should Not Despair At Amazing Spider-Man #698 (SPOILERS)

The following article will act as if you have read Amazing Spider-Man #698. If you have not, you may want to look elsewhere, until you have. I think it’s a really clever comic and well worth the recommendation. But some of you are going to have real problems with it. And I’m going to explore those – and why this could be a real opportunity for the comic.

From here on, there are spoilers. Massive, huge spoilers.

Future Proofing The Amazing Spider-Man #682

On Monday’s Bleeding Cool, Lee Barnett was critical of the inability of superhero comic books to follow through the technological impact of their abilities on the world around them, as if they were arresting the future. As if on cue, …