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Working With Quentin Tarantino On The Django Unchained Sequel, Django/Zorro

Grendel creator Matt Wagner has been talking with Diamond Comics, and a recent interview posted on their retailer-only website over the upcoming Django/Zorro comic from Dynamite Entertainment had a few interesting points of exactly how such a collaborative venture with …

Could A Django/Shaft Comic Book Be Next On The Cards?

Reading about Dynamite’s new comic based on the Shaft novels got me thinking. Of something I’d heard at the Quentin Tarantino panel at San Diego Comic Con. That he’s worked out some kind of geneology between the Django of Django …

21 Comic Covers From First Issues Of Quentin Tarantino And Matt Wagner’s Django/Zorro, And Other Nineteeth Century Men, From Dynamite In November

I can’t deny that getting to meet Quentin Tarantino before his San Diego Comic Con panel was a big moment for me. Especially since we mutually geeked out about the work of Jim Steranko. And with Matt Wagner here, it’ …

Dynamite Entertainment Comic-Con Recap

Dynamite Entertainment went a different route than other publishers. They let there Comic-Con announcements out over the two weeks building up to the con and then had their big Dynamite 10th Anniversary Panel on Sunday with Quentin Tarantino, Matt Wagner, …

Live From The Dynamite Panel At San Diego Comic Con, With Quentin Tarantino

Okay, there’s Reginald Hudlin, Matt Wagner, Nick Barrucci here as well. But the massive crowd is here for Quentin Tarantino, to celebrate the publisher’s tenth anniversary, and a certain Django/Zorro crossover comic, the first sequel to any Tarantino work. How …

Ben Wheatley Gives His Take On Django In This Music Video For The Editors

The director of Kill List, Sightseers and A Field In England directs his first music video.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Original Django On Blu-Ray

The other Django. His D was silent too.

More Images From Django Unchained – Glaring, Staring, Shooting And A Special Guest Star

…the man that started all of the stories, in more ways than one.