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“Substantially Longer” Director’s Cut Of A Good Day To Die Hard Planned

I was remiss in not posting this a couple of weeks back but it just crossed my mind again, I realised it had yet to “go wide” and so I thought I’d share it. Why not? So… here’s the short …

Fox’s Official Response To Complaints About Their Cutting A Good Day To Die Hard

Will Fox’s decision impact on the film’s box office? That would really be the only way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

What Happened When I Asked Jai Courtney About The “Big Ideas” In A Good Day To Die Hard

Jai Courtney co-stars in A Good Day To Die Hard as John McClane’s son. I sat down to speak with him at the end of last week.

Latest Full Trailer For A Good Day To Die Hard

Hey dad! Hey son!

A Good Day To Die Hard – Two TV Spots, Revised IMAX Info

Knock knock.

I Was Right And Wrong – A Good Day To Die Hard Is Coming To IMAX, New Video Featurette, Poster

Will play in IMAX a week ahead of its regular release.

John McClane And Son – Official Image From A Good Day To Die Hard

The father and son reunion is only a motion picture away.

A Good Day To Die Hard – Bruce Willis Set Pictures And Amusing Logo

You won’t be at all surprised by Bruce Willis‘ clothing in these first set pictures from A Good Day to Die Hard. Well, perhaps the quantity of clothing. Who’s prepared to bet that he’ll strip a couple of these layers …

Die Hard 5 Gets Its Little ‘Un: First Look At John McClane With Son Jack

I don’t suppose they could really give John McClane a son with flowing locks, could they? I bet there’s a nice white vest under there somewhere, though.

Bruce Willis IS John McClane In A Good Day To Die Hard, Getting Ready To Hand Reins Over To McClane Jr

Earlier today, Jim Rome (who, from what I can gather, is a man with a goatee), spoke with co-chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fox Film Entertainment Tom Rothman about Die Hard 5, and Rothman was good enough to spill …

Die Hard 5 Could Get An Interesting Director, But I Almost Hope Not

Once upon a few months back, Noam Murro was attached to direct Bruce Willis in Die Hard 5, but he soon left for green screen-er pastures and the 300 sequel. Fox have since been drawing up lists of replacements they’d like …

Die Hard 5 Gets Halo Reach: Deliver Hope Director, Noam Murro

I’ve not enjoyed any of the Die Hard films without reservation, and the even numbered ones drove me to distraction. Nonetheless, I’m here to tell you that another is coming, and the creatives are being hired as we speak. According …