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Video: The Making Of Ricky Gervais’ Derek

Get a bit of insight into the show that split its audience.

Arrested Development Surprises Pop Up Amongst New Netflix Streaming Details

Netflix are doing it right.

A Series Of Trailers And Outtakes From Derek, The New Show By Ricky Gervais

The Channel 4 voice over man is calling Ricky Gervais‘┬áDerek a new “comedy drama”, as opposed to just plain comedy. You’ll see that they’re aiming for a pretty ambitious blend of moods in this one. As you now know all …

Ricky Gervais Pilots New Sitcom With Karl Pilkington – See The Sketch That Inspired It

Various small pieces of info are bobbing around regarding Ricky Gervais‘ next sitcom after the currently airing Life’s Too Short. A pilot for the new show has already been shot, while Short is still screening, which makes for, by far …