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Promo Banner: Jurassic Park 4 Now Slated For 2015, To Be Shot In 3D

Colin Trevorrow will direct, from a script he’s written with Derek Connolly, after a draft by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver.

Sam Neill Thinks The Next Jurassic Park Is A Reboot

What does it mean if Jurassic Park is rebooted? Actually, before we get to that, what does it mean if an actor says they think it’s going to be rebooted?

The Jurassic Park 4 Delay Becomes Official With A Statement From Universal

It’s official. Here’s Universal’s statement on the frozen-in-amber Jurassic Park sequel.

Safety Not Guaranteed’s Colin Trevorrow On His Old Scripts That Might Yet Get Made

The accidental sci-fi comedy specialist has a busy back catalogue.

Pixar Planning New Feature From The Superb Teddy Newton And Derek Connolly

Pixar have projects in development from here all the way to… a long way away. Here’s another.

Flight Of The Navigator Remake Hooks Colin Trevorrow And Derek Connolly

I’m pretty sure it will be better than the original.