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Cast Photo For Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 Sets Things Up

ABC has released a cast photo for the second season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and you can probably read a lot into this particular photo. Here is my take: Start with Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) being directly in the …

Official Season 2 Synopsis For Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Released

ABC has released an official synopsis for the second season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. It does a pretty nice job of recapping the first season and setting the table for the second. If you have not seen the first …

Saving From The Shadows – Promo Footage For Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Season 2

New promo for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2. Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) is basically given a pep talk about saving folks from the shadows even if they don’t know it. And Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) grows a beard. Marvel’s …

Amy Acker Cast As Coulson’s Cellist In Agents Of SHIELD

It’s so obvious now they mention it. Pretty much perfect, in fact

Stan Lee Promotes Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day has put together a video of Stan Lee promoting this years upcoming Free Comic Book Day… This is the kind of thing Stan “The Man” can do for the industry like no other. To a lot …

Civil War – The First In Marvel’s New Documentary Series, Tales To Astonish

Announced at SXSW, Marvel’s Tales To Astonish is a new documentary series that interviews creators, and commentary from industry and cultural types, including Stan Lee, Joss Whedon and Clark Gregg. Though I notice they haven’t asked me. Which is a …

Clark Gregg Presents An Endless Wartime Special (UPDATE)

Clark Gregg‘s Marvel AR video for Avengers: Endless Wartime heads up this special, as well as ex-Bleeding Cooler Andrew Wheeler‘s look at the history of the fictional Eastern European country the Warren Ellis/Mike McKone graphic novel is set in, a …

Clark Gregg Drops Giant “Coulson Lives Mystery” Clues On The Larry King Show

Essentially a massive spoiler for The Avengers if not for Agents of SHIELD.

Four Year Old Takes On The Marvel Universe

Mia Grace is a four year old girl who might be able to give Tom Breevort a run for his money on Marvel Trivia. This video was posted on reddit and then youtube gaining over half-a-million views so far. She …

Agents Of SHIELD Just Aired Its First End Of Episode Surprise…

By nature, this story is just a big spoiler.

New Poster For Marvel’s Agents Of Shield

Just over six weeks to go until Marvel expands it’s universe onto our TV screens.

New Trailer For The To Do List – Star Cameos Help Aubrey Plaza Reach Red Band Status

The premise of The To Do List sees Aubrey Plaza compiling a post modern Kama Sutra then setting out to enact the whole thing.

Another SHIELD Teaser: “Welcome to Level 7″

7 seconds for 7 levels.

Images And Mini-Trailer From Agents Of SHIELD Show Coulson Doing His Thing

It’s testimony to how well drawn Agent Coulson has been, by Clark Gregg and the architects of he Marvel Movieverse, that I’ve got such a developed idea of who he is. And it’s testimony to Agents of SHIELD that this …

Six Glorious Seconds Of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD – UPDATED Twice With Screen Caps And Notes

Coulson lives.

Officially Official: ABC Picks Up Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Images, Description, Logo And Teaser Info Within

We all knew this was coming, but now officially, here it is – Agents of SHIELD has been picked up for next season.

Joss Whedon Teases New Characters In Avengers 2 – Sounds Like Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch To Me

Or maybe he means Captain Britain and Psylocke. Perhaps. You listen to him and tell me what you think.

The Agent Coulson Mystery – Saturday Trending Topics

Ah, that SHIELD and their schemes. What follows will contain spoilers for The Avengers so, if by some weird fluke, you’re that one person who hasn’t seen the film but have still somehow ended up here, I suggest you go back …