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Fox Hire Jack Stanley To Write New Take On Chronicle 2

The studio is pressing ahead with plans for the sequel.

Max Landis On The Chronicle Sequels And Wonder Woman Pitch We’ll Never Get To See

Max Landis get candid and spills tons of details about Chronicle, the defunct sequel, his Wonder Woman pitch and more in a lengthy new profile.

Jesse Eisenberg And Kristen Stewart To Star In New Film From Project X Director And Chronicle Writer

Adventureland stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are reuniting for American Ultra, an action comedy from the writer of Chronicle and the director of Project X.

Max Landis Breaks My Heart With Promises Of A Chronicle Sequel We’ll Never See

Chronicle 2 would have been called Martyr. Max Landis explains why.

Chronicle’s Max Landis Rants Brilliantly About “Superman And Superheroes And S**t”

This includes some priceless slams on other comic book characters, as well as commentary on Man of Steel and other recent superhero movies.

Chronicle’s Michael B. Jordan Could Be The New Johnny Storm For Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four

This would be the first African-American incarnation of Storm that I’m aware of, and one in a very short list on non-white big screen super heroes.

Why Fox Don’t Like The Script For Chronicle 2

The reason they don’t like it is probably a good reason we would. NOW with minor UPDATE.

Breaking Into Chronicle – Genre, Gender, Found Footage And The Follow Up

Including my video interview with two of the film’s stars and a sample of ‘Pre Viz’ footage.

See Brendon Connelly’s Hitherto Unknown Chronicle-Style Super Powers

I won’t be crossing Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly any time soon, not since I discovered that he has telekinetic powers to amaze and astound even the most hard-headed realist.

Max Landis Spills Lots Of Chronicle 2 Details, More On His Many Upcoming Films

I’d guess Max Landis must eat 4000 calories a day just to keep functioning.

Fox Updates From Cinemacon: Fantastic 4, Wolverine, Prometheus, Apes Sequel, Die Hard 5 And More

Lots and lots of bits of little stuff.

The Red Star Is Josh Trank’s Latest Comics-To-Film Project

From the pre-release buzz on Chronicle, director Josh Trank was linked to Fantastic Four. Then after, the film’s release he was put in the frame with the in-development Venom movie. It’s not yet known if either of those conversations are …

Chronicle 2 Is Coming

I was surprised how little advanced excitement and anticipation there was in the geekosphere for Chronicle. Here was that thing so many nerds say they want: an original story, well told, with character and surprises, and a tone that deserved …

Venom Movie Back On The Cards, Chronicle Director Josh Trank In The Frame To Direct

Once upon a time, Zombieland scriptwriters Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese were working on a screenplay for a Venom movie, spinning off the character alongside Sony’s main Spider-Man series. Then director Gary Ross became involved, before getting on board with …

Final Trailer For Chronicle – Too Much, Too Late? Or Just In Time?

I’ve been amazed that advanced buzz on Chronicle hasn’t snapped the needle, but it hasn’t. A shame, really, because I think a lot of people are going to like this film. And like it a lot, too. This final trailer, …

Friday Film Review (On Saturday) – Woman In Black, Carnage, Underworld 3D, W.E And More

I wasn’t able to be in the studio on Friday for this week’s film review on Glide FM, but I eventually managed to make a very excited call to Sophie, somewhere near the end of the show. We manage to …

Friday Film Review – Coriolanus, Haywire And Chronicle

This week’s two most interesting releases are Coriolanus, reworking Shakespeare as a modern war film, and Haywire, which contains some of the best action you will ever see. Ever. Also on the slate is Chronicle, which is coming on the …

Boys Will Be Boys – New Chronicle Clip Is A Touch Pervy

It doesn’t look like anybody in Chronicle develops “X-ray” vision or the power of invisibility, but teenage boys will always find a way to live up to their hormones. Nice to see them also doing some homework, though. This clip …