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Trailer For The Chinese Iron Man 3 – A Little Bit Of Extra Business, Here And There

As you’ll see in this trailer, Chinese audiences are being promised a scene where Iron Man pulls off a bit of action in front of the Yongdingmen Gate.

Monsters University Posters From Around The World

We have a German one, a Spanish one and then a Chinese one – that one’s particularly interesting.

Hergé’s Adventures Of His Chinese Communist Gay Lover?

A graphic novel telling the story of Georges Prosper Remi, better known as Tintin creator, Hergé, and his homosexual affair with a young man, Tchang, the model for characters in his books, and an alleged communist Chinese spy, is having …

More Amazing Chinese Robots – Great And Small

We all loves the massive Chinese Megatron tank from Chinese fans a month ago. Well, they’ve been building more crazy stuff. Robots big… and small. Enjoy.