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Revenge Of The Green Dragons And The Last Gasp Of The Chinese Gangster Movie – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes, I was invited to the press screening for Revenge of the Green Dragons, which opened this weekend. Sure, I thought. Why not? It’s directed by Hong Kong director Andrew Lau, an old hand at gangster movies, so …

Thursday Runaround – The Lenny Henry Spider-Man

MILLARWHIRLED Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo are launching their new Image comic, MPH, at Forbidden Planet in London on Saturday 24th May from 1 till 2pm. That’s right, it’s rather a speedy signing as well. SCULPTED Scott McCloud returns to …

Kevin Feige On Marvel’s Plans To Return To China Again For Its Upcoming Movies

And more evidence of the upcoming Black Panther movie too, I think.

Baz Luhrmann Would Like To Convert Moulin Rouge To 3D, Make A Film Half-Set In China

Baz Luhrmann is in China to promote The Great Gatsby and whilst here’s there he’ll be having a lot of meetings.

DC Comics State 3D Cover Shortage Down To Limited Paper Stock

DC Comics has been answering questions about the heavily allocated 3D Covers for Villain’s Month in September. Retailers, in many cases, have received far less than they ordered, far less than they normally get, and are making up the numbers …

Stephen Chow Developing A Thriller With Thai Studio GTH

A Thailand-China co-production with Stephen Chow’s backing could help Thailand get a much needed foot in the door in China.

Chinese Box Office Decides The Fate Of The Pacific Rim Sequel, But Hollywood Is Struggling To Get Paid

Pacific Rim has just had a very impressive opening in China, but how long until Warner Brothers see the money from this big box office win.

The Avengers In China… Or Is It Japan?

This is the solicit for AVENGERS #11, due out in May: AVENGERS #11 JONATHAN HICKMAN (W) • MIKE DEODATO (A) COVER BY DUSTIN WEAVER “WAKE THE DRAGON” • As Shang-Chi battles an ancient enemy, the Avengers hang out in Hong …

V For Vendetta Screened On TV In China While Jackie Chan Suggests Protest Rights Are Restricted

It’s a good news, bad news scenario.

Transformers 4 Report: Bayhem Likely To Hit China

Could the All-American Michael Bay be moving production to the biggest Non-American world power China?

James Cameron “Running The Numbers” On Introducing Chinese Na’vi To Avatar Sequels

I promise the words “Chinese Na’vi” will make sense once you’ve read this.

The ComiXology Chart – How Much Does China Love Sexy Alice In Wonderland?

Here are the top twenty selling comic books on ComiXology, after new comic day yesterday. 1. The Walking Dead #101 2. Smallville: Season 11 #13 3. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 (of 4) 4. Avengers vs. X-Men #10 (of …

Mr. Smylie Goes to Dubai: Reflections on Middle East Film & Comic-Con

My longtime pal Mark Smylie dropped me a line recently, indicating that he’d just been to the MEFCC convention in Dubai and that he was wondering if Bleeding Cool would like to post his reflections on the event. Certainly we …

Andy Lau Said To Be Lining Up Role In Iron Man 3, Bringing His Iron Army With Him

As soon as it was announced that Iron Man 3 would be co-produced by a Chinese company, as well as partially filmed in the country, I started speculating as to which Chinese stars would be making an appearance. First to …

Hasbro Responds To Harsh Transformers Labour Allegations

Before Christmas, the Institute For Global Labour And Human Rights made a number of allegations regarding shoddy labour conditions for a Chinese factory used by Hasbro to manufacture Transformers toys, quoting workers, and documenting photographs throughout. Today, Hasbro has responded …

Hasbro Hit By Sweatshop Allegations Over Bumblebee And Other Transformers

UPDATE: Hasbro has now responded to the allegations below. The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights has condemned Hasbro for working conditions in its toy factories in a forty page report, specifically mentioning the Transformer Bumblebee, just in time …

This Rather Realistic Iron Man Mark 1 Cosplay From China

This Iron Man Mk 1 piece of cosplay from China has caused quite a stir. In that it looks like it might actually work…

The Incredible Five-Ton Fan-Made Transformers Megatron Tank From China

From China. Let your mouths drop open in awe. And look at your own Cosplay costume and despair. Dear Friends Happy New Year! The first year the legendary Iron Steel Sculpture: Transformers Megatron in tank available, and now pictures dedicated …