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Touch Of Cloth Series 4 Goes Sci-Fi And Supernatural?

Touch Of Cloth is a TV series parodying modern crime drama, in the same way that Police Squad did to police shows of the seventies and eighties. Starring John Hannah, Karen Gillan joined the cast for the third series (consisting, …

Karen Gillan In Trailer For A Touch Of Cloth III

We’ve only just seen Sky One’s second double episode set of A Touch of Cloth and already we’ve got a trailer for the third. And this one has Karen Gillan in it. With hair. A Touch Of Cloth was created …

Dead Channel: Reflecting On Black Mirror Series Two

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool I mainlined the entire second season of Black Mirror in one afternoon last week. I did it partially because I wanted to catch up and partially to see what watching all three episodes in …

Behind The Scenes Of Next Week’s Black Mirror, The Waldo Moment

Some of the folk behind next week’s Black Mirror share their insights into the story’s themes and commentary, and we get a look at how the CG character of Waldo was created in real time.

Trailer For Black Mirror: The Waldo Moment

Here’s hoping that Black Mirror bounces back after last night’s wobbly, confused instalment. This trailer for The Waldo Moment at least seems ripe with potential.

Trailer For Black Mirror: White Bear, Video Of Charlie Brooker’s BFI Q&A

Q&A panel features Brooker, Hayley Atwell, Be Right Back director Owen Harris and executive producer Annabel Jones.

Two Clips From Tonight’s Black Mirror – Be Right Back

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is back tonight with Be Right Back, a ghost story for the social media age.

Genuinely Creepy Trailer For Black Mirror: Be Right Back, A New Kind Of Ghost Story

We all leave ghosts in the machine. I’m doing it now.

Black Mirror Wil Be Back On Monday February 11th

The return of Charlie Brooker’s digital age satire is nigh.

Black Mirror Trailer – Second Series Promo For Charlie Brooker’s iPad Killing TV Show

The information generation’s Twilight Zone.

What Not To Miss On British TV This Christmas

I’ve been going through the double Radio Times with a pen.

Charlie Brooker Wins Best Comedy Entertainment Personality. You Know, Like Bruce Forsyth (UPDATE x13)

Charlie Brooker hates you. He hates everyone. He hates everything. From his early games journalism to his TV Go Home parody, he has poured his bile on the populace, not so much with a bucket but with a sick-sewage sprinkler …

Charlie Brooker And Co. To Start Production On New Run Of Black Mirror Next Month

Charlie Brooker is said to have coined three new episodes of his Twilight Zone-inspired social satire Black Mirror, and they’re to go into production as soon as next month. There’s no indication yet what kind of ideas Brooker will be …

Review – Black Mirror Episode One: The National Anthem

Below is Jim Goodwin’s review of Black Mirror’s first episode, The National Anthem. This all comes with the caveat that Brooker repeatedly begged and/or threatened the preview audience not to spoil the story. Seeing as it’s just finished screening on …

Charlie Brooker Talks To Us About Black Mirror, Twitter And The Ethics Of Insults

Tonight’s the night that Charlie Brooker‘s provocative, funny show Black Mirror premieres on Channel 4. Brooker was very clear that he didn’t want us to give away too much, so I think I’m going to leave this just to what …

Full Trailer For Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Episode One: The National Anthem

When Bleeding Cool saw the first episode of Black Mirror, we were told to keep certain things secret. Some of them can be inferred from this trailer. Still, there’s an awful lot it doesn’t give away. So… what do they …

Trailer For Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – “Cult TV Event Of The Year”

We’ve seen episode 1 of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, and spoken to the man himself about it. It’s pretty angry stuff, and funny with it. The first trailer gives a good hint of how Brooker himself fits into this “contemporary …

Chris Morris’ Rocket Launcher From Four Lions On eBay

It was one of the funnier scenes (among many) in Four Lions, the jihadist comedy from last year. New recruits training in Pakistan, firing a rocket launcher at an overhead American fighter jet, only to realise it was pointing the …