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Enter The Ninjago Clip – Our First Taste, It Seems, Of Warner Bros.’ Next Lego Movie

As well as two ‘vanilla’ Lego movies, Warner Bros. also have the rights to create a Ninjago movie. That one should be next. Judging from this new special feature clip, from the Lego Movie DVD and Blu-ray, it will be …

More Lego News, More Simpsons News, But Not Actually Any More Simpsons Lego News

After yesterday’s marriage of The Simpsons and Lego, they’re already having some time apart. Just for now. They have to keep their own interests going, of course.

Grace Randolph Talks To Bruce Boxleitner, Tricia Helfer, Charlie Bean, Robert Valley, Adam Horowitz And Edward Kitsis About Tron Uprising

As part of Bleeding Cool’s Between The Pages, Grace Randolph talked to the cast of Tron Uprising at San Diego Comic Con.