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First Trailer For Disney’s Live-Action Cinderella

Disney’s has released a trailer for their next live-action adaptation of the classic animated fairy tales, Cinderella. Here we see Lily James as Ella and Cate Blanchett as the Evil Step Mother. Robb Stark himself, Richard Madden plays the Prince …

Full Trailer For How To Train Your Dragon 2 Drops In A Surprise Plot Twist

At the very least, this will be a good looking picture with some well loved characters and a charming cast – including some of the silent, winged ones.

New Look At Cate Blanchett’s Character In How To Train Your Dragon 2

The most interesting part of this story is how the director asked Blanchett to be in his sequel at the Oscars.

New UK Trailer For George Clooney’s The Monuments Men

in an alternate universe, we would all be talking about the Oscar chances of this movie right now.

Mia Wasikowska Out, Rooney Mara In For Todd Haynes’ Carol With Cate Blanchett

The bad news: Mia Wasikowska is out of Todd Haynes’ Carol. The good news: Rooney Mara is in.

First Trailer For George Clooney’s The Monuments Men And A Host Of New Images

George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray and Bob Balaban are on a mission to save history.

Helena Bonham Carter Is An Undercover Fairy Godmother For Branagh’s Cinderella

Disney’s new, live-action version of Cinderella will expand the role of the Fairy Godmother somewhat.

Kenneth Branagh May Take Over For Mark Romanek On Disney’s Cinderella

Here come Shakespearean grandiosity, epic scale spectacles and gravitas to spare?

Mark Romanek No Longer Directing Disney’s Cinderella. Their Loss

The shine has gone off and Cinderella is back in her rags.

Three Actresses Named As Contenders For Mark Romanek’s Cinderella

Three young ladies competing for the chance to scrub the floor, get bullied and lose their shoe.

Mark Romanek’s Cinderella Looking To Cast Cate Blanchett

It’s quite hard to tell a credible Cinderella story these days, but I think we’ve got the team for it here.

Woody Allen Tackling Financial Belt-Tightening In His New Movie With Cate Blanchett, Louis CK And Sally Hawkins

You must accept San Francisco. You must.

Jock’s Poster Concepts For Hanna

Despite Joe Wright‘s Hanna having been released a few weeks back in the US, I’m still under embargo and can’t tell you if I liked it, or if I thought it was an outrageous calamity. But here are some pictures …

UK Trailer For Joe Wright’s Hanna

The UK trailer for Joe Wright’s Hanna is here. It’s similar to a Spanish one doing the rounds – except it doesn’t have the subtítulos en español. Who knew Saoirse Ronan could be so scary? The trailer premiered at MSN. …

Andy Serkis And Ian McKellen Signed On For The Hobbit, Christopher Lee And Ian Holm Are In Talks

The man who made Gollum the most exciting, compelling character in the Rings movies has signed on to reprise the role in The Hobbit movies. According to Deadline, both Andy Serkis and Cate Blanchett have locked down their deals. Meanwhile, …

First Trailer For Joe Wright’s Girl Assassin Picture, Hanna

Judging from the captions at the beginning, they want you to see some kind of fairy tale undertones in this trailer. Good luck with that. There’s lots of accent work and some very stylised shots, so I can see this …

Orlando Bloom And Cate Blanchett In Hobbit Film, Characters Not In Hobbit Book

Oh, most unexpected. According to Deadline, Orlando Bloom is about to sign on the dotted line to reprise his Lord of the Rings role of Legolas for “more than a cameo” in the upcoming Hobbit films. I can smell the whirring …