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Fresh Character, Plot And Production Details Of The New Terminator Movie

I knew that casting for supporting roles on the new Terminator movie was underway but hadn’t been able to conjure up a breakdown myself. It looks like Moviehole were able to secure one, however, as they’ve listed a number of …

David Lynch To Shoot New Twin Peaks Material, Probably As A Promo For The Upcoming Blu-Rays

Sorry people of colour, blondes, fellas, the non-attractive (whatever that means), ladies with smaller bosoms, those under 18 or over 27, or anybody with an… um… modern face.

Warner Bros Receive 50,000 Complaints Over Casting Of Batman

Well, in 1988/1989 they did. From The Wall Street Journal… Best known as a wacky prankster in Burton’s 1988 comedy, Beetlejuice, Keaton has a receding hairline and a less-than-heroic chin. He stands an estimated 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs …

Casting Roundup: Bradley Cooper, Ben Whishaw, Transformers 4 And More

Another YA adaptation rolls the dice, Ron Howard gets his Herman Melville and more casting news of the day.

SCOOP: Star Wars Episode Seven Character Details

Bleeding Cool have 100% confirmed that the following is accurate and that casting started today in the UK.

Why We Don’t Believe The Latest Star Wars Plot And Character Rumours – UPDATED

Many will recognise these rumours as having elements from the Extended Universe novels, where Jaina and Jacen Solo are well-known, well-loved characters.

The Doctor Strange Casting Rumours Begin – Justin Theroux For Stephen Strange

Kevin Feige has copped to the fact that Doctor Strange is part of Marvel Studio’s phase 3 plans, alongside Ant Man. It wouldn’t be crazy to think it could come along as early as April 2016.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Casting Rumours: Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Wes Bentley And More

The search for Guardians of the Galaxy is getting very broad.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Rumours: John Krasinski For Star Lord, Isaiah Mustafa, Brian Patrick Wade And Dave Bautista For Drax

More names, but don’t start making your fan posters just yet.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Reps Refute Batman Rumours

Batrumour hits the rocks.

Amazing Spider-Man Filmmakers Changing Their Tune On Harry Osborn

New ideas for Harry Osborn are effecting the casting process.

Do You Have Military Experience? Want To Be In Thor 2?

Current Extras Casting Needs • Men and Women with Military experience aged 18 to 50. • Have had military experience, either Territorial or regular. • You must be able to march in formation. • Any ethnicity. Must be generally available …

Jessica Biel Cast As Viper In The Wolverine

But which elements of Viper as we know her can they use?

God Help These Girls – Hannah Murray And Emily Browning

Elle Fanning out. Hannah Murray and Emily Browning in.

“Science” Has Found The “Perfect” Casting For 50 Shades Of Grey – But Who The Hell Is It?

Universal and Focus Features spent so much money on the rights to turn that dirty Twilight fanfic 50 Shades of Grey into a movie that they’re bound to make a move sooner or later. But who to cast? Well, don’t worry, …

Character Details For The Office Spin-Off, The Farm: Dwight’s Family Revealed

Our first look at The Farm, a proposed Schrute-centric spin-off from The Office, will be as an episode of the latter’s upcoming ninth series. As well as Dwight, and presumably Mose, the returning cast will be comprised of other members …

Mads Mikkelson To Join Tom Hiddleston As Thor 2 Bad Guys

While Disney won’t comment at all on the casting, Mads Mikkelsen has started negotiating a contract to play a villain in Thor 2.

Anthony Hopkins Wanted For Red 2′s Villain – UPDATED

All that stands between Anthony Hopkins and a role in Red 2 is Thor, Norse God of Thunder. Or, perhaps more properly, Thor 2, Marvel sequel of inevitable riches. According to Deadline, director Dean Parisot and the producers of the …