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The Most Pirated Movies Of 2013 Vs. The Top Grossing Movies Of 2013 (In The US)

Well, I’m glad the box office is so healthy (at this level at least) even while so many are stealing movies.

The Ten Lowest Grossing Films Of 2013 – With UK And US Lists, Including All 20 Trailers

Twenty films, not many more than twenty customers. Some films found it hard to get a good crowd in during 2013. Here are the lowest grossing pictures of the year.

Chinese Box Office Decides The Fate Of The Pacific Rim Sequel, But Hollywood Is Struggling To Get Paid

Pacific Rim has just had a very impressive opening in China, but how long until Warner Brothers see the money from this big box office win.

Trailers For The Ten Lowest Grossing Wide Releases Of 2012

Includes one bona fide genre classic.

Trailers For The Ten Lowest Grossing Releases Of 2012 (And Some Of Them Look Pretty Good)

These ten films made less money at the 2012 US box office than any others.

More Cinema Tickets Were Sold On Christmas Day Than Any Other Day Ever (Well, By Fandango Anyhow)

Les Mis, Django and The Hobbit helped enormously, but they aren’t the only ones.

Looks Like India And Korea Prefer Spider-Man To The Avengers

I don’t know if we have┬áPaviitr Prabhakar to thank for this, but The Amazing Spider-Man has had a considerably better opening in India than The Avengers managed. Spider-Man also trumped the opening weekend of The Avengers in Korea, and while …

2011′s Biggest Box Office Hits, Both In The US And Around The World

Let’s contrast and compare the year’s biggest hits at the “domestic” American box office versus those that have performed best across the rest of the world. These would presumably be “non-domestic”… so that’s what, exactly? “Feral”? There are a good …

2011′s Biggest Box Office Flops, When Calculated On A Per-Screen Basis

Another way of looking at box office failure yields an all-new list of bombs. There’s a horror movie, an Oscar hopeful and a comics-to-film adaptation…

The Biggest Box-Office Flops Of 2011

Where do Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, Cowboys & Aliens and more rank in the list of this year’s biggest money-losers?

TiVo Are Snooping On Your Remote Control And Using It To Predict Box Office Results

It’s probably general knowledge by this point that your TV viewing habits are being observed by an army of analysts.

Sequels Make Bank – The Top Six Films Of The Summer Were All Follow-Ups

Here’s a list of the top six money makers at the American box office this Summer: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides The Hangover Part 2 …

Conan Scriptwriter Sean B Hood Answers: “What’s It Like To Have Your Film Flop?”

One of the credited writers on the new Conan the Barbarian is Sean B. Hood, a thoroughly nice chap by all acounts. And he’s obviously rather open too, having posted a very candid Quora post last night about the film’s …

Good News For American Film Industry As Deathly Hallows Part 2 Breaks Records

Well, we probably all saw this coming but the final instalment in the Harry Potter franchise has smashed its way through box office records with a worldwide weekend gross of over $476 million. Records broken included single-day box office (Last …