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Former Graphicly Employee Speaks Out About Failed Merger With Blurb

Yesterday, Micah Baldwin, former of Graphicly, now at Blurb, wrote, Today is the Graphicly team’s first day at Blurb. (I’ll leave talk about the transaction to other more journalistic channels. Let me just say that everyone is happier today than …

Blurb Hires Graphicly’s Micah Baldwin And More Staff Ahead Of Book Fair

Indie book publisher Blurb that specialise in allowing authors to self publish books through them is hiring key members of the digital comic publisher and enabler Graphicly, including co-founder Micah Baldwin to increase their digital publishing program. Graphicly used to …

About Time – New Image And Nifty, Rather Detailed, Plot Blurb

At the age of 21, Tim Lake discovers he can travel in time…

Star Trek Into Darkness Blurb Is Tweaked To Reveal Cumberbatch’s Villain Isn’t Acting Alone

John Harrison, or whatever his name is, isn’t all alone in this.

Official Plot Blurb For Star Trek Into Darkness

They don’t name the villain but they do give us lots of strong evidence to his identity.

The Kick-Ass 2 Official Plot Blurb Makes It Seem Faithful To The Comics

Now with less balls, less walls.

The Angels Take Manhattan – Official Blurb And Piles Of Doctor Who Pictures

Get ready to say goodbye to the Ponds. With tears in your eyes?

Official Plot Blurb For Spike Jonze New Sci-Fi Movie, Her

Plus the early sales poster.

First Promo Video For Shyamalan’s After Earth

There are decades of backstory to the new M. Night Shyamalan science fiction picture, After Earth and you’ll get walked through a whole load of it in this pleasantly zippy viral video. The story of After Earth apparently originated with Will …

Official Plot Blurb For RoboCop Remake

You’ll find this, by and large, very familiar but the differences from Paul Verhoeven, Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner’s original are interesting. In RoboCop, the year is 2029 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the centre of robot technology. Their …

Full Plot Blurb For The Monsters Sequel Drops Its Big Idea In Right At The Last Moment

Spoiler alert, spoiler alert.

Neil Jordan’s Byzantium Both Looks And Sounds Great – New Still, Expanded Plot Blurb

Neil Jordan was the director of The Company of Wolves, Interview With the Vampire and Ondine, and he’s attached to the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. He’s a master at finding the lyrical in stories of real life and real danger, and at hiding the impossible just underneath a thin veil of the possible.

Official Blurb For Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac

With pre-sales about to get rolling at the EFM in Berlin, Zentropa have issued an official blurb for Lars Von Trier‘s quasi-pornographic Nymphomaniac. It’s written as, more or less, a front line commercial for an unmade film, devised to draw …

Official Plot Blurb For The New Riddick Movie, Riddick

Don’t worry about all of the back slapping and PR speak, the new press release announcing that the third Riddick film is in production (which, of course, we already knew) has just two important paragraphs: The infamous Riddick has been …

The Amazing Spider-Man Is Tidied Up A Little By An Official Blurb

Here’s an orderly and dependable plot blurb for The Amazing Spider-Man, as issued by Sony and piling up across the net (and in my inbox) like wildfire right now. There may not be any bombshells in here, but the strands …

New Sherlock Blurbs And Images – Hounds Of Baskerville And The Reichenbach Fall

It’s a little over two weeks until 2012 and the kick-off of Sherlock, series two. Which means, sadly, it’s only just over four weeks until the series ends. To help you look forward to the second and third episodes, the …

James Bond Skyfall Plot Set-Up Revealed (Plus Official, High Quality Logo)

A tiny blurb has been posted to Sony’s official publicity website, giving away the very basic basics of the Skyfall plot set-up. Here it is, in all of its miniscule glory: In Skyfall, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as …