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From $284.99 To $39.98 – 5 Different Ways To Buy The Batman ’66 TV Series

So, how rich is your blood? Option 1: Blu Ray Limited Edition Set $269.97, $174.98 on Amazon As the ultimate collector’s pièce de résistance, the Limited Edition box set (SRP $269.97) is a numbered, beautifully packaged set and spotlights all 120 …

“Why, In My Country, Do People Go Into Schools And Kill Children?” – Frank Grillo On Playing Crossbones In Captain America; The Winter Soldier

Frank Grillo played S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Brock Rumlow, better known in the comics as Crossbones, in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Brendon Connelly left us a little present before he left Bleeding Cool for pastures new, an embargoed interview with …

Han Shooting First Fans May Be In Luck

For those of you who KNOW that Han shot first, there is a rumor floating around that Disney plans on releasing the original theatrical cuts of Star Wars Episodes IV – VI. The plan is to release the original trilogy …

Shout Factory Announces New DVD/Blu-ray Releases Including UHF, Mad Max And The Facts Of Life

Peter S. Svensson downs Gatorade to write for Bleeding Cool. Shout Factory releases the best nostalgic DVDs with exceptional bonus features. GI Joe and Transformers, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Freaks and Geeks. Power Rangers (a subject dear to my …

This Is What The Batman 60s TV Show Blu-Ray Box Set Will Look Like. And Yes, It Comes With A Batmobile.

Frazer Brown, from the Hall H Batman ’66 panel…. Batman The TV Series gets a complete Blu Ray for November the 11th. And this is what the box set will look like. Yes, it comes with a Batmobile. On the …

The Sopranos Coming To Blu-Ray This November With New Special Features

I don’t know if HBO Go or Amazon Prime are offering The Sopranos in HD but the upcoming Blu-ray set will be, and without any streaming compression either. I hope fans are still excited by this. According to The Hollywood …

Now Is A Great Time To Buy Star Trek: The Original Series On Blu-Ray


No Marvel One Shot On The Captain America: Winter Soldier Release

Though most people still seem to stand out and mill about in the way of the screen, many of us have now been successfully trained to expect a post-credits sequence from a Marvel movie. It was getting that way with …

Now Is The Time To Buy Some Criterion Collection Bargains

Criterion discs can cost a little bit, but when they go on sale like this, they’re hard to resist.

Groundhog Day Is Now On Sale At A Bargain Price

I find it somewhat bittersweet, with bitter outweighing the sweet, to note that Groundhog Day is on sale right now.

Video: How Criterion Remaster Movies For Their Releases

Once upon a time, the use of an automated digital processes in remastering was frowned on but software has gotten better and attitudes have softened.

Exclusive Video: Exploring Truth And Drama In The TV Series Vikings With Its Creator, Michael Hirst

Connecting today’s audiences to the truth of Viking life.

David Lynch Sets The Record Straight On The New Twin Peaks Blu-Rays And New “Special Things”

It sadly sounds like the new Blu-ray set won’t be fully comprehensive, but it’s still an essential purchase in my book.

There’s Finally A Good Blu-Ray Of The Original Robocop And It’s As Cheap As Chips

I’m loving the transfer on the new, remastered Robocop Blu-ray, especially when compared to what we had before.

Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Promo Will Be “A Big Surprise,” Ray Wise Says He Makes An Appearance

The man who played Leland Palmer has been back to Twin Peaks this week.

First Image And Details Of All Hail The King, The Iron Man 3 Spin-Off Marvel One Shot

Marvel Studios have unveiled the truth about the upcoming One Shot short film All Hail The King. As predicted, it’s an Iron Man 3 spin-off.

David Lynch To Shoot New Twin Peaks Material, Probably As A Promo For The Upcoming Blu-Rays

Sorry people of colour, blondes, fellas, the non-attractive (whatever that means), ladies with smaller bosoms, those under 18 or over 27, or anybody with an… um… modern face.

Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray To Include All Hail The King Short Film And Several Deleted Scenes

With or without Ben Kingsley? Hmmm. I’m guessing “without.”