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Finally (Maybe) Official – Jason Momoa Is Aquaman – Updated

Update – the Variety report that is being used as the source of this article (and on just about every other comic and entertainment site on the web) is from June 16th of this year. But it’s just making the …

DC Gives Us Our Closest Look Yet At Ben Affleck As Batman

Looks like DC Comics just snuck this one in on us. Yes, as fans have started pointing out, within the dozens of photos and illustrations on the wall is a brand new image of Batman from the upcoming film Batman v …

Ben Affleck Is The Most Hated Man In America – And It Has Nothing To Do With Batman

A second trailer was posted for Gone Girl, the new David Fincher directed movie starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris and Sela Ward. The mystery-thriller is based on the novel by Gillian Flynn and tells the story of …

Of Bats And Walruses – Kevin Smith Answers Fake Batman V Superman Script Rumors

Over on his blog, Kevin Smith address the rumors going around that he penned a fake Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice script for Warner Bros. In doing so he also catches folks up on what he’s been doing lately. …

Is There Really A Solo Batman Movie Scheduled For 2019? Is That Even The Question We Should Be Asking?

According to a rumour published by Latino Review, Warner Bros. are loosely planning a solo Batman movie for 2019 and they’re thinking about calling it The Batman. If this is true, then this marks the most organised moment in the …

New Batman And Batmobile Unveiled – Zack Snyder’s Shot Of The Suit, Car And Affleck’s Chin

Why the small ears?

Alleged Image Of Affeck Batsuit Turns Up, May Well Be Totally Fake – UPDATED: It Is Fake

If this *is* real, then what do you think?

Warner Bros. Reveal Their Logo And Unveil Their Plans For Celebrating Batman’s 75th

My favourite bit? The new edition of Tim Burton’s original Batman movie.

Hollywood.com Writer Thinks Marvel’s Characters Are Lame…

I don’t know Christian Cintron. His twitter page says he is an actor/comedian/writer though his IMDB page is barely bigger than my own. But in a story for Hollywood.com he asks: “Can Good Acting Save Lame Comic Book Characters?” He …

Batman Vs. Superman: Golden Age Duality During the Great Depression

By Ryan Michael Both of DC’s flagship characters were introduced to the public towards the tail end of the Great Depression. Over the decades, both have experienced change, adaptation and evolution. Through it all, they’ve managed to hold readers attention …

Four Reasons Why Batman Vs. Superman’s Delayed Release is a Good Thing

By Hilton Collins It was the announcement that jolted entertainment media with something sizzling to gossip about, at least for a week or two. On Friday, January 17, Warner Bros. announced that they were pushing back the release date for …

David Fincher’s Gone Girl Has An Entirely Different Ending Than The Book

Now, whether you’ve read the book or not, you’ll be experiencing Gone Girl for the very first time in that theater.

David Fincher Shoots Rosamund Pike And Ben Affleck For EW Gone Girl Cover

Hopefully there are actual stills from the movie itself on the inside pages.

First Image Of Ben Affleck In David Fincher’s Gone Girl

In the midst of the Argo/Batman hoopla, one easily forgets Ben Affleck is also fronting another Big Deal movie.

Batman-Superman Movie To Get New Draft By Argo Screenwriter

Given that a lot of pre-production and even some shooting has taken place, don’t expect that he’ll have the latitude to make any drastic changes.

Ben Affleck And Matt Damon To Produce Film Of Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillips’ Sleeper

DC Comics continues its onslaught of recent Film/TV news, this time for Sleeper by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips via Variety: Warner Bros. is ramping up development of “Sleeper,” a long-in-development DC Entertainment property that’s set up with producers Ben Affleck, Matt …

Gavin O’Connor To Direct Remake Of French Thriller Tell No One

Ben Affleck’s loss is our gain.

Wonder Woman Rumors Get More Real As New Actresses Join The Hunt For Batman Vs. Superman Female Lead

Three young actresses are up for a mystery role in Batman vs. Superman – which is seeming more and more likely to be Wonder Woman.