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Wytches And Mondo At Thought Bubble 2014: A Speculator Corner Special

Lots of folks were selling lots of comic books at Thought Bubble (got back barely an hour ago) – but some will have been able to pay for their whole trip with one or two canny purchases. The Wytches #2 …

Putting Your Best Foot Forward… To The Future

When I was growing up, I had heard a rumor that our local mall was being used to film a movie. They were shooting late at night, after all the stores were closed and we could go up and see …

Why I’m Really Not A Fan Of Secret Cinema And Their Grossly Overpriced Shenanigans

This week, Secret Cinema sold a huge amount of tickets to customers wanting to see Back to the Future. Millions of pounds worth of cash poured in from thousands of customers. The ticket price was £53.50 per adult, £25 per child. …

The Famous Cult Film Cars Return To Long Beach Comic Expo

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent I love cars, so I was excited to see the cars exhibit on the convention center’s promenade had returned for the Long Beach Comic Expo on Saturday, May 31. Several cars …

Back To The Future’s Enchantment Under The Sea Dance Is Happening For Real. Mostly

And if you live in the area, you can attend!

Christopher Lloyd And Others Test Out “Real” Hoverboards In Viral Video [UPDATE: Funny Or Die Is Behind This]

Whatever this actually is, the video does making hoverboarding look pretty cool. Ahh, to dream.

Back To The Future: The Musical Is Coming To London In 2015

They have to get a Delorean on stage every night somehow, right? Seems like a must.

Iconic Film And TV Hot Wheels Vrooom Onto LBCC Promenade – A Photo Tour

One of our West Coast correspondents, Michele Brittany, writes and snaps these photos from Long Beach Comic Con: One of the benefits of the Long Beach Convention Center is its trademark promenade lining the length of the front entrance where …

Lego Officially Announce Back To The Future DeLorean Kit For Next Year

I want one of these.

Back To The Future Writer Bob Gale Withdraws Endorsement Of The Hoverboard

From endorsement to disappointment.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Back To The Future Trilogy On Blu-Ray (And Jurassic Park Is Cheap In The US Too Now)


If You Have A Question About Back To The Future, The Answer Is On This Postcard

From 1985-1990, actor Tom Wilson played Biff Tannen and his various ancestors and descendants in the Back To The Future trilogy. From 1985-2012, people asked him questions about Back To The Future. Most of the time they were the same …

Back To The Future Fan Pitches His Reboot – Doesn’t Seem To Realise It’s A Found Footage Idea

Just for fun, here’s a Back to the Future fan sharing his big idea.

VIDEO: Mattel’s Back To The Future Hoverboards Won’t Hover, But Definitely Sound Like Ones From The Movie

So we already know that Mattel is finally making hoverboards that look just like the ones from Back to the Future: Part II, and we’ve already had some time to get used to the disappointment that it’s not really going …

Here Comes That Back To The Future Stage Musical You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The Broadway musical has proven to be one of Hollywood’s most surprisingly popular spin-off products of the last decade or so, with a golden example being The Lion King. Not only did that production prove to be the most lucrative, …

Video Of Michael J. Fox’s Return To Johnny B. Goode

While I was sleeping, somebody uploaded video of Michael J. Fox playing Johnny B. Goode at his A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinsons charity benefit. It’s not quite what I’d been led to expect, but it’s …

Michael J. Fox Recreates Marty’s Take On Johnny B. Goode (And Why The Controversy Over That Scene Is A Red Herring)

Perhaps the most memorable single scene in Back to the Future is Marty McFly’s rendition of Johnny B. Goode at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance (and, yes, it’s probably the most controversial too, and I’ll get on to that). …

It’s Kermit Vs. Marty McFly, Adidas Vs. Nike

There’s two competing pairs of geek kicks coming down the street, one themed for Back to the Future, the other for The Muppets. Nike are teasing their imminent Mag Air shoes, based on the power-lacing models seen in Back to …