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Alfonso Cuaron Says He Won’t Direct Harry Potter Spin-Off, Knows Little About Shining Prequel

The Snitchseeker forums seem to be the first place to pick up and highlight an EFE interview with Alfonso Cuaron about his involvement, or lack thereof, with a couple of high-profile Warner Bros. projects. Going to the EFE link, I …

Rumor: Alfonso Cuaron Offered The Shining Prequel The Overlook Hotel

Cuaron has the exclusive rights to say yes or no to the project, so the ball is in his court.

Alfonso Cuaron May Direct Harry Potter Spinoff Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Cuaron arguably made the best Harry Potter picture, Prisoner of Azkaban, and is now rumored to be “deep in talks” to return to the wizarding world

Watch Jonas Cuaron’s Seven Minute Gravity Spin-Off Short Film, Aningaaq

The other side of Sandra Bullock’s distress call to Earth.

Gravity — The Bleeding Cool Review

In space, no-one can hear you shout “this is the best movie of the year!”

Neil deGrasse Tyson Treats Twitter To His Insights Into Gravity

Including a trailer for Tyson’s sequel to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.

Listen To A Preview Of Over Twenty Minutes Of The Gravity Soundtrack

A preview of Steven Price’s score for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

UK Trailer For Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity UPDATED With 2K Version

Sandra Bullock is floating, adrift, 372 miles above earth in Alfonso Cuarón’s new film.

New Posters For Gravity And All Is Lost Tell You ‘Don’t Let Go’ And ‘Never Give Up’

George Clooney and Robert Redford feature on these two new posters fro films about people adrift and alone.

Gravity Photos, Posters And A New UK Release Date

This is a movie that I’ve known about for a few years now, and from the moment of its conception I’ve heard nothing but praise.

Third Clip From Gravity Is Just As Exciting As The Others, But Works A Little Differently

The more see of Gravity, the more impressed I am. This is some seriously articulate filmmaking right here.

Another New Clip From Gravity – Extremely Claustrophobic, Tense Stuff

It’s all gone wrong for Sandra Bullock in this clip from Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. And this… this is just the beginning.

Sandra Bullock Struggles To Detach In This Clip From Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity

This footage led to some pretty hyperbolic reactions at Comic-Con. You can now see for yourself what all the fuss was about.

New Image From Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity Is Sandra Bullock, Just Hanging Around In Her Smalls

For at least three days a week, my job affords me the luxury of not having to get dressed properly. Seems that the same thing is true for astronauts.

First Trailer For Believe, Written And Directed By Alfonso Cuarón, Produced By JJ Abrams

Looks captivating, and potentially very exciting and there’s a built-in ticking clock that would ideally get several seasons to just tock away.

Script For JJ Abrams And Alfonso Cuaron’s TV Project, Believe, Published Online – UPDATED: Gone

Thanks to the internets, you can now read the script for the pilot episode of Believe, a new Bad Robot series that NBC will be taking to series this Autumn. The whole thing lives in the window below. This script …

Full Trailer For Gravity – Alfonso Cuaron’s Extremely Ambitious New Sci-Fi Film

I don’t think the elaborate, unbroken shots are the only things interesting here. Not by a long chalk.

First Footage From Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity

Reputedly one of the most technically and narratively ambitious science fiction films ever attempted, Alfonso Cuaron’s first narrative feature since Children of Men is the space thriller, Gravity.