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Annapurna Pictures May Be In On A Starship Troopers Reboot

Right now, Alan Taylor and company are hard at work on Terminator, a new seqboot instalment of James Cameron‘s formerly exciting series of killer robot time travel pictures. All being well, this new chapter will be able to make us …

J.K. Simmons Joining Terminator: Genesis

Kind of unexpectedly cool news and an addition to an already pretty cool cast.

Fresh Character, Plot And Production Details Of The New Terminator Movie

I knew that casting for supporting roles on the new Terminator movie was underway but hadn’t been able to conjure up a breakdown myself. It looks like Moviehole were able to secure one, however, as they’ve listed a number of …

Terminator: Genesis Search For Kyle Reese Down To Jai Courtney And Boyd Holbrook

Holbrook probably fits in better, at least aesthetically speaking, with Clarke & Clarke, and he just may have the edge.

Emilia Clarke Is The New Sarah Connor

Everything Terminator is coming your way for the next few years, until the rights revert to James Cameron in 2019.

Jason Clarke In Talks To Play John Connor In Terminator: Genesis

Filming begins in January, and I think this is off to a very solid start.

Terminator Sequel-Reboot Gets The Very Interesting Subtitle, Genesis

This makes a lot of sense when you bear in mind the rumoured plot details.

Diverging Futures – The New Sarah Connor Is Either Emilia Clarke Or Brie Larson

After some testing, Alan Taylor has narrowed his search for the new Sarah Connor in his Terminator reboot down to two.

Report: A Series Of Young Actors Are Up For The Roles Of John And Sarah Connor In The New Terminator

All credit to Schmoes Know for what seems like a pretty sound bit of preliminary casting info on the new Terminator seqboot. According to their unnamed source, the actors in contention for both Sarah and John Connor in the movie …

Thor: The Dark World — The Bleeding Cool Review

By Great Odin’s Raven! It’s a new Thor movie. And it’s set in South London. We sent our number three South London Thor correspondent Michael Moran to find out more…

Alan Taylor And Kevin Feige Express Rather Different Opinions About Thor: The Dark World’s End-Credits Tease

They don’t agree.

New Clip From Thor: The Dark World Puts Malekith At The Heart Of Something Very Sci-Fi

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that in the Marvel Movieverse, magic can be explained by science, it just that it hasn’t been, yet. They’ll call Thor a god, for sure, but also frame him as an alien.

Watch: Loki Featurette For Thor: The Dark World

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki gets his very own featurette.

This Minute-Long TV Spot For Thor: The Dark World Uses The Avengers As An Okay Excuse

Two of the central threads in Marvel’s Thor sequel revolve around the women in the big guy’s life. The studio aren’t kidding when they say they set out to make their films into relationship dramas as much as anything else. …

Joss Whedon Was Called In To Fix Some Scenes In Thor: The Dark World

New Thor director Alan Taylor has been speaking very openly with SFX magazine, explaining how Marvel called on their biggest gun when they really needed an extra big blast. Here’s a snippet from the magazine’s interview feature, courtesy of  the …

Extended Thor 2 Trailer With New Footage, More Dialogue

Cut to a similar pattern as the last trailer, this extended Thor: The Dark World trailer actually sneaks in quite a few new little bits. The final pay off was something I saw bring down the house at Comic Con.

New Loki And Odin Posters For Thor: The Dark World

Giving some wall space to a pair of the supporting players, here are a couple of new Thor: The Dark World posters.

New Terminator Movie Gets Thor 2 And Game Of Thrones’ Alan Taylor As Director

I’m not a well man, I’m afraid, so while I have a lot of posts I want to make tonight, I’ll be keeping them pretty close “Just the facts, ma’am.” According to Variety, Alan Taylor is set to direct the …