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Help Terry Martin Resurrect Dead Girls In Graphic Novel Glory

By Alasdair Stuart Terry Martin is one of the hardest working people in modern genre fiction. The head of the award-winning The House of Murky Depths, Terry has been instrumental in championing, and publishing, work by some of the best …

J.K. Rowling’s First Post-Potter Novel Already Set For TV Adaptation

No wizards in this one.

Live Action Gatchaman Movie Starts Shooting On Monday

Always five, acting as one! Dedicated, inseparable, invincible!

The BBC’s Sherlock Becomes A Manga This October

A manga artist referred to only as Jay has adapted the BBC’s Sherlock for a new manga. According to @manganewsjapon it will appear in the magazine Young Ace from October4th’s issue. I don’t know Young Ace other than by reputation, …

Under The Skin Of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter With Director Timur Bekmembetov

The director of Wanted has made a movie about Abraham Lincoln killing vampires. He was probably very confused by my sincere line of questioning.

Being John Malkovich And Eternal Sunshine’s Charlie Kaufman Writing Sci-Fi Franchise Movie Chaos Walking


Brian K. Vaughan Writing TV Version Of Stephen King’s Under The Dome

For those of you who haven’t read Stephen King’s novel Under The Dome, it’s essentially The Simpsons Movie crossed with Lord of the Flies and topped off with a rubbish ending. That’s not entirely fair. First of all, the Dome …

When Federico Fellini And Milo Manara Went To The Afterlife – Derailments Trailer

In 1965, Federico Fellini, Brunello Rondi and Dino Buzzati wrote the screenplay for Il viaggio di G. Mastorna, detto Fernet, or The Strange Voyage of G. Mastorna as it is often called in English. If you have seen Fellini’s Director’s …

Michel Gondry Adapting Boris Vian’s Froth On The Daydream

Boris Vian’s novel L’Ecume Des Jours is variously known as Froth on the Daydream, Mood Indigo, Froth on the Daze, or – in its previous, lates-60s cinematic incarnation, the more accurate The Spray of the Days. I’ve neither read the …

VIDEO: The Raiders Of The Lost Ark Remake, In Full – UPDATED

It’s the 13th if June where I am, but for the Americas it’s still the 12th and, therefore, still the 30th anniversary of the release of The┬áRaiders of the Lost Ark. In order to mark the occasion, it seems that …