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Would You Spent Fourteen Hours Watching A 3D Cerebus Being Printed?

After all, you made it through Melmoth. Right now George Peter Gatiss is printing a 3D Cerebus. It has only just started and will take 14 hours. And there is a webcam on it right now. I mean you could …

The Castle of Horror Podcast’s Haunted House Retrospective Presents: Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D

By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman Bleeding Cool welcomes The Castle of Horror Podcast tonight for its third appearance, a weekly internet radio show where professional writers in the comics, games and book industries take a …

DC Comics’ 3D Covers Return For September 2014′s Five Years Later Event (VISUAL UPDATE)

They made a big splash in September 2013. If you could get them. The 3D lenticular covers used to launch Villains Month. And hideously underprinted as China ran out of enough plastic to make them (apparently) leaving retailers heavily allocated …

Unity #1 3D Cover Hits $338 On eBay – But Had A High Bid Of $427

Goodness. Most retailers who ordered Unity #1 at returnable levels will be getting one copy of Unity #1 3D Cover, as shown on Bleeding Cool the other day. Other copies will be made available for every 100 copies of Unity …

Valiant’s 3D Unity Cover – Unboxing And Then Putting It On eBay (UPDATE)

Anything DC can do, Valiant can do… well in America rather than China. The Valiant Unity #1 3D cover, available to retailers for every 100 copies of Unity #1 that they choose not to return. Since issue #1 was made …

Now Valiant Publishes A 3D Reward Cover For Unity #1….

Well, if it’s good enough for DC Comics… Valiant is issuing a 3-D Motion Returnability Cover, for their best-selling Unity #1, drawn by Clayton Crain and animated by the valiant team, fraturing X-O Manowar, Ninjak, Eternal Warrior and the rest. …

Mad Max: Fury Road Leaps Into The 2015 Mosh Pit With A 3D Post-Conversion

We finally know when Mad Max: Fury Road will be released and, going right along the grain, it’s going to be way, way off in the summer of 2015.

Brilliant – Watch The World’s First Autostereogram Music Video, 3D Without Specs‏

If you know how autostereogram images work, you’ll know why this video features so much repetition.

Gravity — The Bleeding Cool Review

In space, no-one can hear you shout “this is the best movie of the year!”

Tickets Are On Sale Now For Cinema Screenings Of Doctor Who 50th Special, Day Of The Doctor

Today’s the day that UK, US and Canadian tickets go on sale.

Extended Captain America Preview Is Screening With Thor Sequel In Only Certain Cinemas

You have at least 298 different cinemas to choose from in 40 different states of the USA. At least.

Yes, Retailers, You Can Still Buy Some DC 3D Villains Month First Prints…

The 3D Villains Month covers may have been horrifically allocated. But it looks as if, somehow, a few are still available through Diamond Comic Distributors. Each linked to a recent eBay sale for the respective comic… Doomsday Metallo Parasite Killer …

New Trailers For Next X-Men And Captain America Movies Rated And Ready To Roll Soon

Why are these trailers both gearing up for release now? Because Thor: The Dark World is on the way.

The Turbo Masterclass – Director David Soren On The Character Design, Appeal And 3D Of Dreamworks’ Latest

If you’re at all interested in character design – for animation, illustration or anything else – then I think you’ll find Soren’s comments here to be particularly interesting.

Marketshare Per Comic For September 2013 – DC Still Dominates, Depending How You Look At It

Last month I reported on Diamond’s new policy to list how many titles each publisher has put out alongside their respective marketshare. And how I was happy to do the necessary dividing to compare them. I also pointed out that …

Star Trek Into Darkness Going Cheap Right Now

Pretty hefty discount – so I’ve just stuck it in my cart.

Putting Joker’s Daughter #1 In The Microwave To See What Happens

Joker’s Daughter #1 is a phenomenon. A comic book, not a restricted variant, but one available in every comic store in the land (albeit it allocated). And fetching from around $50 to $80 in advance on eBay, with a couple …

A Letter To Retailers From Dan DiDio And Jim Lee For The End Of Villain’s Month

DC Comics writes; THANK YOU FROM THE CO-PUBLISHERS Dear Retailers: We’d like to take a moment to thank you for all your support for DC’s Villains Month. From the time we started to talk about this initiative with you, we …