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In One Week, In Two Weeks - Dream Thief Vs Dream Merchant

Next week in comics… Dark Horse publishes Dream Thief #1. And Image publishes Dream Merchant #1. Of course, you realise, this means war. IDW published Doomsday.1 #1 from John Byrne, Boom finally puts out Regular Show #1, Dynamite Entertainment launch Battlestar Galactica, and Marvel launches Avengers: Enemy Within. The week after that? Bounce #1 from… Read more »

In One Week, In Two Weeks - A Very Miniature Jesus

Next week sees the launch of Dark Horse’ House Of Gold & Bones and Darth Vader Ninth Assassin, the new He Man comic from DC, the new Danger Girl comic from IDW, Ted McKeever’s Miniature Jesus #1 from Image, Jirni #from Aspen and Dark Shadows Year One #1 from Dynamite. And then in two weeks,… Read more »

DC One Million Omnibus And More

Okay, I don’t mean DC are putting out a million omnibuses. But there are quite a lot of trade paperbacks and hardcovers coming up. Including One Million Omnibus, which ends up having a ridiculous looking collection of issues. Lots of zeroes… UPDATE: Oh and look. Grant Morrison is finally getting credited for his ghost writing… Read more »

Full DC Solicitations For May 2013. Apart From Green Lantern And Edge...

Thanks to Comic Book Resources, IGN, Newsarama, Comic Vine, MTV, Comics Alliance and iFanboy, here’s the DC Solicitations for May 2013. Except… there’s none of the Green Lantern group solicitations. And why? I don’t know. But someone thinks I should… something they don’t want to announce before the DC Creative Summit? So nobody speculating on… Read more »

DC Makes Hundreds Of Comics Returnable

Recently, DC Comics began making digital versions of their print comics available from around 3am on the day of publication several hours ahead of the time when comic stores were allowed to start selling them. Naturally, there were upset retailers. In response, DC have announced that they will allow limited returns of DC titles, ordered… Read more »

Cobie Smulders, Still Agent Of SHIELD - Sunday Trending Topics

Cobie Smulders set to continue her Marvel movie universe role on the SHIELD TV show: I don’t know if the timing precludes her from being in the pilot episode or not but Cobie Smulders says she’s sticking with SHIELD. Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Hawkman, Walking Dead Hawkman Cancelled, No I Vampire Crossover With The Flash… Read more »

In One Week In Two Weeks

Next week coming to your local comic shop, we have…new comics. I know, fancy. And they will include the first issue of Emily & The Strangers, the Zelda: Hyrule Histories volume, Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill, the beginning of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary comic Prisoners Of Time, Invincible #100, the kissy kissy Superior Spider-Man #2… Read more »

In One Week, In Two Weeks - The Answer

Next week in comics… the beginning of Answer,  Star Trek’s Countdown To Darkness, the last issue of Minutemen, a bit more Chew, the beginning of Uncanny X-Force , Young Avengers and Deadpool Killistrated. And in two weeks… Emily And The Strangers, Dollar Bill and… Invincible #100! And while we’re waigting, here’s a preview of Answer… Read more »

In One Week, In Two Weeks - Issue Fifteens From DC In January?

Well that was a rather sparse week. But next week should make up for it. A bit. New My Little Pony, more 47 Ronin and Hellboy In Hell, more issue fifteens from DC Comics, which basically makes them all late, New Avengers and Morbius starting from Marvel, a new Damsels from Dynamite, a new Hero… Read more »

In One Week, In Two Weeks

Next week’s comics… well there aren’t many. Your comic shop is already sitting on them, waiting. In fact you might as well just buy them all… even if it’s a book you wouldn’t normally buy. And then try a few other books from previous weeks you wouldn’t normally pick up. We’ll have a few suggestions…. Read more »

Let's Piece Together DC Comics' Solicitations For March 2013 (UPDATE)

Cut up and split around the internet, everywhere but Bleeding Cool… which makes us the perfect position to bring it all together. From IGN… LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #18 Written by PAUL LEVITZ Art and cover by KEITH GIFFEN and SCOTT KOBLISH On sale MARCH 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T •… Read more »

In One Week, Bleeding Cool, In Two Weeks, Bronies

Is it too early to talk about next week’s comics? Never! Obviously Bleeding Cool Magazine #1, that’s going to be your big draw next week and I’ll slap anyone who says it isn’t. But there’s also some fuss around something called Amazing Spider-Man #698, I suppose there’s a new Justice League, the IDW Judge Dredd… Read more »