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    Default Beasts Of Burden Movie Nabs 9 Director Shane Acker

    Shane Acker is still probably best loved for his short animated film 9, despite him later adapting it into a full-length feature.

    Now he's going to get another, delayed, run at impressing with something full length, as Reel FX have roped him in to direct their animated feature film of Beasts of Burden, the Dark Horse comic about cats and dogs caught up in supernatural mysteries.

    I rather likethe comic by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson.I sure hope Darren Lemke's screenplay does it justice.

    Andrew Adamson was previously attached to direct, and will keep a producer's credit. I do think Acker is an upgrade. I'm very keen to see what look they go for here - and how much they play to the "ghost story" side of the original.

    Reel FX already have two other animated features on the way. There'sBook of Life, a day of the dead story that's being produced by Guillermo Del Toro; and Turkeys, which seems to be a time travel comedy with, obviously enough, turkeys. That one is set for release ahead of Thanksgiving 2014, and you might imagine the day of the dead film will roll out somewhere around the day of the dead.

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    I wish this project much success. Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson deserve it.

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