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    Default Joss Whedon, Eli Roth, Neil Jordan, Chan Wook Park And More Have New Films At The Glasgow Film Festival

    Glasgow's 2013 Film Festival runs from February 14th to the 24th - Valentines Day until Oscars day. Thelineup is genuinely impressive stuff.

    There are honestly loads of films I'm very keen to see, and they're definitely going out on a high point with a closing night film that could sell out in minutes...

    The opening night picture is Populaire, a fizzy French romcom in the Rock Hudson and Doris Day mould; better still, the closing night choice is Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing. What a coup.

    Here's a list of other high points:
    • Aliens in 70mm - plus the new Aliens videogame, Colonial Marines, on the big screen.
    • Cloud Atlas
    • John Dies at the End
    • Neil Jordan's new vampire picture Byzantium
    • Steve Coogan in The Look of Love, the Paul Raymond biopic
    • Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope
    • A fiftieth anniversary year celebration ofDoctor Whowith members of the cast and TomMcRae
    • Dredd plus a discussion with John Wagner
    • Judge Minty plus a session called Making A Fan Film
    • Truly epic dance movie Girl Walk//All Day - for free
    • Chan Wook Park's Stoker
    • Derek Cianfrance's The Place Beyond the Pines with The Gosling and Bradley Cooper
    • Nicolas Lopez' and producer Eli Roth's Aftershock
    • Steve Niles in town to screen and discuss 30 Days of Night and his other work
    But that's not the half of it. You can browse the full program on the official site.

    Tickets are on sale today. I should imagine some of these films will sell out pretty darn quickly.

    Here's the trailer for the fest, sadly bereft of movie clips.


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    Great lineup.

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    A, A


    Smashing list - not sure which would tempt me most, either Byzantium or a Dredd/Minty combo! Probably Byzantium though, looks delicious.

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    Some great films there, sounds like it'll be great. I'm itching for a chance to see Whedon's Much Ado..., but also Cloud Atlas, Stoker, Byzanium and yes, even Judge Minty (which I should've caught at Thought Bubble but missed).
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    Wow, Wish I could go, this sounds awesome.
    And Populaire is not bad at all if you like good Romcoms and the Artist.
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    Great line up, I hope Rebellion and the film-makers can find some way of making Minty available to Dreddophiles.

    Special Congrats to Fox Film's own 'Joss Whedon' Mark Millar on selecting not a single Fox Film or even his all time favourite superhero flick 'Chronicle' and instead filling the Kapow lineup with competitors flicks; Money well spent Fox!


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