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    Default Trance Trailer - Danny Boyle's Reality-Bending Thriller Goes Inside The Mind Of An Inside Man

    Danny Boyle is this year's cinematic psychonaut, taking his new thriller "inside the mind."

    Trance uses the age-old hypnosis device to blend memory, fantasy and reality and retell a heist story with a headgames twist. Trance was co-written by Joe Ahearne, based on a TV movie he wrote and directed in the early 2000s.

    Be sure to choose the Hi option on the player because otherwise this is going to look dreadful. MSN's trailers always come packaged like this. Tsk.

    Video: Trance: Exclusive trailer

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    That MSN video quality was terrible. Even in HD in the embed sized video, it looks terrible.

    This isn't much better but it is still better...

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