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    Default Knightmare - 25th Anniversary Retrospective Video

    This weekend, CITV have been celebrating their 30th anniversary by repeating a series of classic and well loved programs from their archives. Judging from the Twitter response, one of the most popular is proving to be the fantasy game show, Knightmare.

    This was the show in which a kid put a vision-obscuring plastic helmet on their head and wandered around in a bluescreen world interacting with madly improvising actors in fantasy costumes. All the while, their friends watched the journey unfold on a TV screen and tried to offer guidance.

    Here's a fan-made 25th anniversary documentary featuring lots of interviews with the show's actors and contestants. The first few minutes are just people expressing surprise that the show is so old, but once they've all come to terms with the cruel passage of time, things pick up after a little bit.


    Thanks toJon Melville for the video link. Previously, a Knightmare parody and classic screw-up.

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    This was must see T.V when I was a kid along with Gamesmaster.

    Two shows they really should find a way of bringing back for the new generations.

    Although truthfully, I doubt I'd watch Knightmare these days beyond an episode to see how they updated it.

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    Revival can't be too far away, surely.
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    If they brought it back, they'd have to get around the whole 'sidestep left', 'shuffle forward' nonsense, to speed it up. That'd require the player(s) in the environment to be able to see properly, which they could probably achieve with some suitably hightech AR glasses/goggles.
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