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    Default Pixar's Cancelled Film, Newt - Lots Of Beautiful, Newly Released Concept Art

    Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool

    It's a fact of Hollywood life that there are a ton of films that never see the light of day. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes that is a bad thing. For every Jonathan Liebsman and Michael Bay Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles that goes down the drain,* a Guillermo Del Toro At the Mountains of Madness follows.** And this is only counting the ones we hear about.

    Every once in a while we get a look into these dead projects and get the breivest glimpse of what it would have looked like.

    Thanks to artist Katy Wu's blog (via Pixarblog) we've gotten another look at just what Gary Rydstrom and Pixar had been cooking up for their never released Newt. This is our third look at art work prepared for this film, and just as gorgeous as the other two batches.

    Yes, these are rather pretty indeed. It is hard to know exactly how this style would translate to screen, but if the plan was to imitate it closely, we have certainly been robbed of something visually striking.

    *It's probably crawling its way back up as we speak.

    **Hope springs eternal.

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    "Woi, she drew me as a newt!"

    "...A *newt*?"

    "Yeah. And then the wankers at Pixar cancelled me!"


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    Aborted due to the similar-high-concept (the last of their species must mate) and generally-forgettable Rio, which was going to make it to market first.
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    SO PRETTY! I would've seen this movie

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