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    Default Welcome The Liberator

    Matt Miner writes;

    I'm thrilled to introduce a comic project Kickstarter that I've poured my soul into - one backed and supported by folks from my former teacher and super great guy Scott Snyder and master of horror comics Steve Niles to musicians Neko Case, Chris Hannah of Propagandhi and Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion. Every day this Kickstarter's been live we've gotten more top tier comic talent, celebrities, music professionals and the like excitedly jumping aboard and lending their support.

    The project's name is Liberator and it brings to comics a fresh take on the hero model with a pair of gritty anti-heroes who avenge the torture of animals. For anybody who ever thought comics could be punk and subversive and maybe even glorify some good old fashioned direct action, this is a unique project that's worth supporting.

    We've partnered with some pretty incredible bands, public figures, activists and comics creators to really make Liberator something special and bring some really kickass reward packages to backers.

    The book's been nearly ten years in the making ? it's been growing and fermenting in my mind and the past year I've actually been putting it together with some amazing artists. The creative team includes Joel Gomez (Detective Comics, Wetworks, Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs) on pencils and inks, Beth Sotelo (Fathom, Supergirl, Witchblade) on colors, Vito Delsante (Superman, Batman Adventures) lettering and editing, then on covers we have rising star Yasmin Liang and DC superstar Rod Reis (Aquaman, Nightwing) along with some really big name folks to be announced later.

    Aside from my lifelong love of comic books I'm also passionate about my work for animals which spans back a decade and includes work on some very high profile campaigns but in more recent years has been focused on animal rescue of abused dogs. In the weeks since Hurricane Sandy I've been helping care for and rehome displaced animals in Rockaway NY since that terrible storm ravaged our area and turned our world upside down.

    Outside of my wife and family, my biggest passions in life are comic books, social justice and animals. I'm thrilled to have a chance to combine the things that fuel me into this book and I sincerely hope it will reach far beyond the direct market and bring new readers to comics.

    Check out the Liberator Kickstarter HERE. And see a preview below...

    [issuu width=420 height=271 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121225200509-5510ba826ac1455ab5ab24fb8dcec81d name=liberator_preview_5pages-bleedingcool username=richjohnston tag=bleeding%20cool unit=px v=2]

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    Is this anything like Civilian Justice? I really liked that.

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    Y'know, I really like this concept.

    Hopefully it's not just a sermon to the choir; I'm not remotely interested in supporting the political cause this comic is championing, especially to the degree illustrated here, but I am interested in peering into the mind of someone else who is - and that gives the creators the opportunity they want to make an argument to me.

    Hope this comes to fruition.
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    Money's a little tight right now, but I'd like to support this before it ends.

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