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    Default How The Krampus Saved Christmas

    Ryan L. Schrodt writes;

    Greetings and Merry Christmas to the dedicated readers of Bleeding Cool! My name is Ryan L. Schrodt and I am best known for my contribution to Mark Millar's CLiNT Magazine and for my ongoing webcomic Dear Dinosaur (found every Thursday at In the spirit of Christmas, I am giving all of you a very special gift today?a sneak peek at my upcoming graphic novel, How the Krampus Saved Christmas.

    How the Krampus Saved Christmas follows the mythical Krampus (Saint Nicholas's demonic companion that punished children on the naughty list) who comes out of retirement when he sees the over-commercialization of our modern Christmas. Instead of setting his sights on ill-behaved children, the Krampus instead targets the man who he believes is responsible?Santa Claus himself. As Christmas has become more about consumerism and greed, the once benevolent Santa has become the ruthless and powerful head of a holiday empire. When the Krampus determines that Santa is the real reason why Christmas has strayed so much from its original message of peace and brotherhood, he sets out to punish the jolly old fat man and reclaim the holiday.

    The 60 page black-and-white graphic novella is projected for a December 2013 release and features art from Dominic Black and letters by Adam Wollet. While we have been shopping the project to publishers, we wanted to bring you an early sneak peek of the first eight pages from the graphic novel (and a gentle reminder to perspective publishers that we are still looking for a home for the project!)

    Please enjoy this early look at this sure-to-be-classic Christmas tale and feel free to touch base with us if you do have any questions or if you'd like to publish this holiday graphic novel next year! You can contact me via email at

    [issuu width=420 height=324 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121225082123-84b615e385414934a331a680e94f576a name=krampus_pgs_1-8_lettering_proofs username=richjohnston tag=bleeding%20cool unit=px v=2]

    About the creators:

    Ryan L. Schrodt made his professional comic book writing debut in Mark Millar?s CLINT Magazine in 2011 with ?The Battle of Dansroom,? a story personally selected by Millar for the magazine. Also in 2011 he released the well-received Matinee Eclectica, a diverse collection of short comic stories with a wide variety of artists. In 2012, Schrodt launched Dear Dinosaur, a weekly webcomic updated every Thursday at More information on his work can be found at or via his twitter feed

    Artist Dominic Black hails from Seattle, WA is known for his dynamic and energetic approach to his art. When he is not drawing things for money, he is playing bass. His work can be found on various places across the internet, often under his handle dominicblack666.

    Adam Wollet is a writer and comic book letterer from Jacksonville, Florida. Adam has lettered David Pinckney's No West to Cross ( and the short story Little Sister in volume one of the Journeymen Anthology (ICG Publishing), along with all of his own projects.?* For more information on Adam?s work, please check out his website and his twitter feed

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    "...And all looked bleak for the Jolly Old Elf. Until he finally spoke, and told Krampus thusly:

    I have nothing to fear from the likes of you. I've employed two special bodyguards. One, an experienced exorcist, while the other is a mercenary of some infamy. Gentlemen? Would you introduce yourselves, please?

    'ello, mate. I'm John Constantine. I'm here to send yer arse back to Hell.

    And if you won't go quietly, I'm here to kick yer fraggin' ass and drag you back down there impaled on my chain, right straight through the Infernal Gates!

    Thank you, Lobo. Now, Krampus, what say you now?

    And it was then that Krampus' cold heart grew three sizes too small, as Lobo proceeded to rip 75% of it out from the inside, down his throat...

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    What is it about Krampus this year?

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