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    Default Sharlto Copley In Elysium - First Official Image

    In publishing this picture of Sharlto Copley in Neill Blomkamp's Elysium, Empire refer to the character, Kruger, as the film's villain. Well, that's maybe a little too black and white, judging from the footage I saw at Comic-Con. I would like to think Blomkamp's story - about class, healthcare, privilege, a life of labour and so on - would manage some sophistication and shade.

    Still, "villain" or not, here's Kruger.

    Seems to be wearing the same kind of exo-skeletal device that Matt Damon had in the firstand second images from the film. That alone should tell you something...

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    That looks pretty sweet. When's this thing supposed to come out?

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    District 9 was an instant classic IMHO, can't wait for his follow up..

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