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    Default 70 More Of The 450 US Cinemas Where You'll Be Able To See The Hobbit In 48fps

    According to Variety, Warner Bros. specifically chose every one of the 450 US venues where The Hobbit will play in Peter Jackson's preferred 48fps, or HFR, version. They had been planning on far less but ultimately relented and gave Jackson - and for that matter, plenty of the rest of us - just what we wanted.

    Bleeding Cool published the list of Regal-owned cinemas where this cutting-edge version will be screening on Monday. Now, here's the list of 70 Cinemark venues where you'll also be able to join in, state by state.

    Do note that all HFR screenings, globally, will also be in 3D. Tickets for the film, in all five flavours, will go on sale today.


    Anchorage, Century 16 & XD


    Tucson, Century 20 El Con & XD Tucson, Century Park Place 20 & XD


    Corte Madera, Century Cinema Daly City, Century 20 Daly City & XD Fremont, Century at Pacific Commons & XD Huntington Beach, Century Huntington & XD Lancaster, Cinemark 22 & IMAX Milpitas, Century 20 Great Mall & XD Monterey, Monterey 13 Napa, Century Napa Valley Orange, Century Stadium 25 & XD Oxnard, Century RiverPark 16 & XD Pleasant Hill, Cin?Arts at Pleasant Hill Rancho Mirage, Century @ The River & XD Redding, Cinemark Redding 14 & XD Redwood City, Redwood Downtown 20 & XD Rocklin, Blue Oaks Century Theatres & XD Sacramento, Century 16 Greenback Lane & XD Sacramento, Century Stadium 14 San Bruno, Century at Tanforan & XD San Jose, Century 20 Oakridge & XD Union City, Century 25 Union Landing & XD Victorville, Cinemark 16 Victorville & XD Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek 14 & XD


    Boulder, Century Boulder Colorado Springs, Cinemark Carefree & IMAX Colorado Springs, Cinemark Tinseltown USA & XD Lakewood, Century 16 Bel Mar & XD


    Boca Raton, Cinemark Palace 20 Boynton Beach, Cinemark Boynton Beach 14 & XD Davie, Cinemark Paradise 24 & XD Jacksonville, Cinemark Tinseltown & XD Orlando, Cinemark Festival Bay Mall


    West Des Moines, Century 20 Jordan Creek & XD


    Evanston, Century 12 Evanston/Cin?Arts 6 & XD


    Merriam, Cinemark 20


    Lexington, Cinemark Fayette Mall Louisville, Cinemark Tinseltown USA & XD


    Baton Rouge, Cinemark Perkins Rowe & XD


    Hanover, Cinemark Egyptian 24 & XD

    New Mexico

    Albuquerque, Century Rio 24 Plex & XD


    Las Vegas, Century 16 South Point & XD Sparks, Century Sparks & XD


    North Canton, Cinemark Tinseltown USA Valley View, Cinemark At Valley View & XD


    Oklahoma City, Cinemark Tinseltown & XD Tulsa, Cinemark Tulsa & IMAX


    Portland, Century Clackamas Town Center & XD Springfield, Cinemark 17


    Moosic, Cinemark 20 & XD Robinson Township, Cinemark Robinson & XD


    College Station, Cinemark Movies 18 & XD Corpus Christi, Century 16 & IMAX Dallas, Cinemark 17 & IMAX El Paso, Cinemark Tinseltown USA & XD El Paso, Cinemark West & XD Fort Worth , Cinemark Alliance Town Center & XD Grapevine, Cinemark Tinseltown Grapevine & XD Katy, Cinemark 19 & XD Lubbock, Cinemark Tinseltown Lubbock Mission, Cinemark Tinseltown USA & XD Pflugerville, Cinemark Tinseltown 20 & XD Plano, Cinemark Legacy & XD Plano, Cinemark West Plano & XD The Woodlands, Cinemark Tinseltown 17 & XD Webster, Cinemark 18 & XD


    West Jordan, Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing & XD


    Chesapeake, Cinemark Chesapeake Square & XD

    That leaves almost 300 locations in the US unaccounted for. Stay tuned.

    Also... what about the UK?

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    All three of my local cinemas will have it, per this list. In fact, the whole San Francisco Bay Area seems to be covered well.

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    Not many in Dallas, but fortunately the one listed is literally up the street from me.

    So, will all the 48FPS versions be in 3D? How does a 3D film work with people who wear glasses? My only experience with 3D is the Nintendo 3DS, which makes me a little ill to look at.

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