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Thread: Tuesday Trending Topics: Awesome Inking

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    Default Tuesday Trending Topics: Awesome Inking

    This is a pretty good idea, and a lot of people on the internet seem to agree today: One of the highlights is the Awesome Inking Panel in which various comic professionals at the show are provided with penciled art copied on blue line paper, and asked to ink the penciled image in their style, which will then be used during the inking panel. See and read more about this Big Wow Comic Fest panel.

    Speaking of comic con fun and panels, let me add that while you're here you should go vote in the Bleeding Cool fan awards, which will be presented at the upcoming Phoenix Comicon.

    And a final bit of business before we get onto today's trending topic list -- latenight BCers will have noticed some periodic scheduled maintenance over the past couple weeks, which is now concluded. Basically, we've done some much-needed hardware upgrades to carry us through some upcoming expansion plans. BC forum iconographer Rootfireember explains the technical details:

    Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

    Travis Charest, Frank Cho Ink Jim Lee At Big Wow
    While I?m at Kapow this weekend, in the US they?ll be hosting the Big Wow Comic Fest. One of thehighlightsis the Awesome Inking Panelin which various comic professionals at the show are provided with penciled art copied on blue line paper, and asked to ink the penciled image in their style, which will then be used during the inking panel.
    Agent Coulson, The Avengers And The Future
    An Ending Of Things At DC Comics
    DC have not released all their August shipping details. To back up our thesis, we could do with a lot of books finishing arcs, or doing one shot stories, to clear the deck for September. Here?s some that support the zero issue story? and some that don?t.
    Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

    President Obama On The Avengers
    We know President Obama used to read comics. Even when he was all grown up. Appearing on The View, he was asked about Kardashians, Fifty Shades Of Gray, Dancing With The Stars, Jessica Simpson, Modern Family and? The Avengers, asked to name three of them.
    Man Calls Fire Brigade Over Avengers Captions
    But a customer of the Regal Cinema in Abingdon, Baltimore, was rather annoyed to discover that the showing of The Avengers that he?d paid to see had captions.
    Steamy Stills Of Noomi Rapace And Rachel McAdams In Brian De Palma?s Passion
    These new stills from Brian De Palma?s Passion only seem to confirm what we suspected when the first image arrived online: this is probably not a film you should sit down to watch with your elderly grandmother. No, not even if you have Orange Wednesdays and you can get her in for free.

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    I had a lot of fun doodling that. And I *AM* jealous of the awesomeness of the server upgrade. Seriously: That computer is now made of jaw-dropping awesome on the inside, and it should help make everyone's BC experience better. It will probably walk around when we aren't watching and beat the tar out of evil-doers, and then sit back in it's rack looking like nothing happened 5 minutes later or something. The images were done on the iPad app "Paper" by some of the gents formerly working on the ill-fated courier project, and I added the background in one of my scrapbooking apps.

    I'd write more for everyone but there's a child staring at me from the other side of the coffee shop, and they creep me out a bit.

    Anyhow: I did not do the upgrade, but I would like to thank the folks who did, and BC for making this place way more awesome with the power of technology.
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