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Thread: Lying In The Gutters - 7th May 2012

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    Default Lying In The Gutters - 7th May 2012

    Thanks to 4chan via Reddit... So it seems like the USA went to see The Avengers this weekend. All of them. You have to wonder if anyone at Warners may be in trouble for booting Joss Whedon off of Wonder Woman now. Or for putting the Justice League movie on the back burner.

    Every week I write and draw a cartoon for Britain's leading political blog, Guido Fawkes. I rather liked this one.

    Okay, so what have you folk been reading on Bleeding Cool this week?

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    9. Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Series In The Style Of Hulk Smash

    10. Mark Gatiss Gives Up Some Details Of The First Episode Of Sherlock Season 3

    And special thanks to Grace Randolph, Adi Tantimedh, Cameron Hatheway, Bill Meeks, Eliot Cole, Aaron Haaland, David Liss, Garth Ennis, Alasdair Stuart, Gavin Lees, Vincent Santos and Emmanuel Moreno.

    Scott Lobdell To Take Over Superman From Jurgens And Gi

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    LOL yeah, that screenshot is hilarious. That'd be the only redeeming point of being stuck in close proximity to annoying theater goers.

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    I bet they are ruing their attitude towards Whedon, although he had yet to prove himself in moviemaking as opposed to the TV form (but didn't they dump him there too?) .

    Re: the Justice league film... probably the best to shelve that.
    Leaving aside that they had George Miller lined up for it, as opposed to some one that actually understands the superhero genre (remember Batman and Robin??? thats what happens when people dont take things seriously!), the success for Marvel has come from seeding the Avengers film into the marketplace with the Ironman, Thor and Captain America movies first. Its all one big story and people were already on board for its next chapter.

    WB couldn't even get that right, with the GL bomb. Even with the Superman film on the way, they would probably have to reboot Batman in the way that Spiderman has been.
    So I guess its ten years away, unless they try and get something cobbled together to ride the slipstream of Avengers 2 marketing

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    thank you, so much

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    I caught Avengers at a late night staff screening the day before release. There's this new guy at work, I hadn't really spoken to him at any great length, he turns up in an Avengers T-Shirt and a Superman baseball cap. I figure in the circumstances that's a good basis to start a conversation.

    "I see you're mixing your comic companies there, mate." I says

    "Well, they're all the same, aren't they?" He replies.

    "Not really. Avengers are Marvel, Superman is DC"

    "No, Disney bought them all."

    "...No, they didn't. Disney bought Marvel a few years back. DC have been owned by Warner Bros since...well, basically forever"

    "No, Disney owns them all. I read about it online"

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike H. View Post
    That post was written by New 52 Keith. His entire origin has been changed and everything (although some people will still insist that doesn't matter and that he's still the same character as always).

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    Amazing. You actually managed to turn a story about a marvel movie into yet more DC bashing.

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    That story is hillarious. I want those guys to be super pumped for Hellboy in Avengers 2. A lot of people in my theater thought it was Red Skull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilsmurf View Post
    Amazing. You actually managed to turn a story about a marvel movie into yet more DC bashing.
    I see it more as WB bashing, and ... well ... basically, apart from the little bright spot that is Batman, they really deserve it. GL is still 114 minutes of my time I'll never get back.
    Why is there no enforced online mode? I heard it was a must have feature and requirement these days?
    Thankfully advances in technology have enabled us to do all city management calculations locally on your PC. We don’t have to do them in the cloud anymore, which you know, was the ONLY way to do it a few years ago.

    Paradox Ltd - Cities: Skylines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilsmurf View Post
    Amazing. You actually managed to turn a story about a marvel movie into yet more DC bashing.
    Amazing, you seem to be typing out delusions openly on the internet.


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