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Thread: The Hobbit Vs. Dark Knight Rises Vs. Prometheus - Breaking It Down, With Graphs And Everything

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    Default The Hobbit Vs. Dark Knight Rises Vs. Prometheus - Breaking It Down, With Graphs And Everything

    In the days before Christmas, knockout trailers were released for three of the most keenly anticipated films on the 2012 calendar: The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and The Hobbit. I can tell you from the statistics here at Bleeding Cool that these films are generating an awful lot of interest amongst Little Bleeders... but how about in the world at large?

    Way to Blue are a PR and social media company in London and, sometimes, the people who invite me to screenings, set up interviews and the like. They've been crunching the numbers on those three big films and compiled a series of interesting observations.

    I'm going to share what they came up with, then compare it to what I can observe specifically here at Bleeding Cool.

    Looking at Twitter, they sample which of the three films got the biggest share. Here's their pie chart:

    There are social media buttons on the Bleeding Cool stories for each of those trailers. Here are the usage stats for those:

    • The Hobbit: 55 tweets, 1 Google plus, 276 Facebook likes
    • Prometheus: 50 tweets, 2 Google plus, 157 Facebook likes
    • The Dark Knight Rises: 37 tweets, 3 Google plus, 119 Facebook likes
    There are mitigating circumstances, of course - bootlegged versions of the Dark Knight trailer were plentiful, and there was even a pirated version of the Prometheus clip, bobbing about.

    And this is only for social media actions that use the buttons on the site and does not consider, for example, retweets of our original links leading to the story.

    Still, it seems that that Dark Knight garnered a lower share of the excitement here at Bleeding Cool. Not what everybody would have expected, perhaps?

    Way to Blue went on to break down six characters and other talking points from the trailers, and ranked those in order of how often they were mentioned on Twitter.

    1. Alien
    2. Bane
    3. Space Jockey
    4. Bilbo
    5. Stadium Explosion (in Dark Knight Rises)
    6. Gandalf
    The peak date for references to Alien in relation to Prometheus was apparently December 23rd, which also happens to be when I published my "Closer Look" at that trailer and made plenty of connections between the two films. Must have been something in the air. Apparently, 1 in 5 tweeters made the connection - and still Fox won't officially admit to it, the cheeky gamesplayers.

    Incidentally, my trailer analysis post got 50 tweets, 5 Google plus and 65 Facebook likes from the page. It also managed a phenomenal amount of page views, nicely into 5 figures,

    The final revelation from Way to Blue's breakdown concerns the buzz surrounding the directors of the films. Here's the rank of the three big names, ordered by number of mentions:

    1. Peter Jackson
    2. Christopher Nolan
    3. Ridley Scott

    Does this suggest greater affection for Jackson overall? Way to Blue at least suggest "a film title change or a stronger poster mention for the New Zealander. "

    Of these three films, the one to gather the most page views on Bleeding Cool overall is The Dark Knight Rises, and largely thanks to a single post - The Dark Knight Rises Plot Thickens: Batman's First Encounter With John Blake Revealed. It's been popular since I wrote in April.

    That story only got 41 tweets, 5 Google plus and 240 Facebook likes from the page, but that's not in step with its monster traffic, not at all.

    I've counted up the amount of unique user visits we at Bleeding Cool saw for storiespublished in December, as the anticipation built for these trailers, and then peaked around their release:

    1. Prometheus - 38,193
    2. The Hobbit - 29,313
    3. The Dark Knight Rises - 17, 142
    Though I do want to note that the single biggest story of these was my close look at The Hobbit trailer.

    So, in short it looks like these three films are each generating a tremendous amount of online interest. Let's see what happens at the box office. It will be sad, but fascinating, if one of them somehow fails to perform.

    And by one of them I can only really mean Prometheus. There's now way Rises or Hobbit can fail to milk the cash cow dry, is there?

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    My interest in the three movies rank as follows:

    1. DKR
    2. Prometheus
    3. Hobbit

    Sorry, I've just never been a huge fantasy guy, and I found both LOTR books and movies to be utterly boring.

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    1. Hobbit
    2. Dark Knight
    3. Prometheus

    I'm not a huge Alien fan. I like the 4 movies okay but never saw Alien vs. Predator or read more than a couple of the comics.

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    1. Prometheus
    2. Hobbit

    And that is it.

    I'm hyped for Prometheus since this is Ridley Scott's return to a franchise he launched, righting not only the wrongs of crap like Aliens: Resurrection, but making up for his own crap movies like Robin Hood and Kingdom of Heaven (Theatrical cut. Director's Cut was decent). He better not disappoint as he has proven many times to have talent.

    Peter Jackson is another guy who needs to make up for that shitfests that were King Kong (Jurassic Park with Dramatic Jake Black and a Giant Ape: The Movie) and The Lovely Bones. A fellow film buff in arms and I came to the conclusion that Peter Jackson's talent can be measure by his waist size, and his worst movies are done when he is skinny. Using this highly scientific method, one can conclude that The Hobbit will be an enjoyable movie now that Peter Jackson is once again fat. It is a shame that Guillermo del Toro wasn't able to direct the Hobbit, as his Dark Fairy Tale trilogy (Kronos, The Devil's Backbone, Pan's Labyrinth) shows that the man knows how to handle fantasy pretty goddamn well.

    I have no hope for Christopher Nolan. His movies do tend to be good, especially great for one viewing, and that is it. He is too much of a gimmick director to be all that interesting. That is not to say that TDKR won't be a well made movie, it just won't have that large of a lasting impact as a movie. Seriously, outside of Ledger's Joker, was there anything memorable about TDK?

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    The Hobbit is the only one of those i am really interested in, i saw Batman Begins but it wasnt really for me and so havent really been interested in Nolan's Batman movies
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    The breakdown of the Prometheus trailer here caused me to buy a copy of Alien at the local about-to-go-out-of-business Blockbuster.

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