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Vertigo’s Scalped May Be Headed For Television

Scalped is the latest in a long series of DC comics headed for TV.

The Truman Show May Be Adapted For Television

Paramount is forging its way into TV and will be turning to its library for material. Among the films they will be developing for TV is a new adaptation of Andrew Niccol’s The Truman Show, which starred Jim Carrey as …

Red Dwarf Series XI To Start Filming This October, Air Autumn 2015‏

It seems that everybody will be present and correct, and the scripts will once again be written by Doug Naylor.

AMC Shifts Gears From Zombies To The American Revolution In Turn

By Bill Watters With the end of the year’s episodes of Walking Dead, AMC’s is bringing us Turn (Sundays at 9pm/8pm central), a new spy drama set during the early years of the Revolutionary War. Having an affinity for historically …

The Titty Twister Has Had A Little Bit Of A Makeover, Appears Tonight On From Dusk Till Dawn‏

I’m sharing it, really, as an excuse to pass on some thoughts on the series.

Watch Jack Is Back, A Promotional Special TV Show Thing For The New 24‏

Well, it’s definitely 24, just not quite as we knew it.

HBO Have Officially Renewed Game Of Thrones For Seasons 5 And 6‏

Not much news here, really, just the arrival of the inevitable.

Bryan Hitch Working On The Fantastic Four Movie

This is a scene from the recent first issue of Real Heroes, by Bryan Hitch, from Image Comics. And that mention of Josh Trank, is because Bryan Hitch, artist for The Ultimates, The Authority, America’s Got Powers – and at …

Channel 4 And XBox Entertainment Remaking Swedish Sci-Fi Drama Series Real Humans

The show will film this summer in the UK, will air in 2015 on Channel 4 in the UK and on XBox in North America.

Bates Motel Renewed For Third Season‏

A&E have officially announced that Bates Motel will be back for a third season. I’ve only seen the first but quite enjoyed it. I suppose the question is whether or not the show will ever catch up with Psycho, the …

The Agents Of SHIELD Team Discuss The Big Changes Made By Captain America 2‏

I think the show is still limping rather too much. I’m watching it out of some sort of loyalty now. And hope.

Samuel L. Jackson Reveals When He’s Coming Back To Agents Of SHIELD‏

Spoilers ahead, I suppose. Minor ones.

Peter David Signs On To Write Screenplay For Ben Jones’ Seven

Comic book writer and novelist, Peter David, has signed on to write the screenplay for Seven, a new Canadian animated movie to be directed by Ben Jones, of Doom Patrol, Metal Men, New Teen Titans, Batman: Brave And The Bold …

An Appreciation Of Jenny Agutter In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

There is a scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that features Jenny Agutter, reprising her Security Council role from The Avengers. But she gets a little more hands on. My #2wordreview for Captain America: Winter Soldier is Jenny Agutter. …

What The Hell, Sitwell? (Winter Soldier And SHIELD SPOILERS)

Jasper Sitwell was a character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, appearing in Strange Tales in 1966, in the Nick Fury Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. strip, before and after it took over the title, as a fellow agent of that …

Am I Reading Too Much Into This Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Image?

With every upcoming episode of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel will be releasing a piece of art to echo and tease the episode in question, the Thursday before the episode in question. I reckon they nicked the idea from Franscesco …

David Letterman Has Announced His Retirement From The Late Show In 2015

David Letterman can tell this story better than me, so I’ll let him do just that.

Tom Hardy To Star In BBC Miniseries Taboo From Steven Knight And Ridley Scott

Filming on the 8-episode series will begin in early 2015. Hardy’s a busy man, after all.