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Prime 1 Reveals Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood Statue

Prime 1 Studio has revealed their new Red Hood statue from the Batman: Arkham Knight line. The Red Hood has an interesting history of criminal activity from the early days of Batman’s career where multiple people wore the hood including The Joker leading up to the accident that made him who he is today. Now,… Read more »

DC Comics Ch-Ch-Changes For Tomorrow – Catwoman To Constantine To Red Hood

Tomorrow’s Catwoman #52 was solicited with art by Inaki Miranda, but has been joined by Pop Mhan and Giuseppe Cafaro Constantine: The Hellblazer #12 was solicited with art by Travel Foreman but is actually by Eryk Donovan Earth 2 – Society #12 was solicited with art by Jorge Jimenez. But instead it is by Iban Coello. Gotham Academy #18 was solicited with… Read more »

Listening To Scott Lobdell Talk Red Hood, Bizarro And Artemis – The New Outlaws For Rebirth

I am astounded this was so skipped over in the Wondercon DC Rebirth presentation. But the new Red Hood & The Outlaws by Scott Lobdell and Dexter Soy really jumped out from the DC Rebirth Previews this week. The Comics Source Blog talked to Lobdell at Wondercon and he talked further about the new series…. Read more »

Red Hood And The Outlaws In DC Rebirth – With Artemis And Bizarro

We got next to no details about this Rebirth series in the Wondercon announcements, save that Red Hood & The Outlaws would be by Scott Lobdell and Dexter Soy.  But now we know who they are… Now the Red Hood plans to use his status as a villain to take down Gotham’s underworld from the inside. Joined… Read more »

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – From Uncanny X-Men To Red Hood And Arsenal

A few more changes ‘twixt solicitation and publication… Uncanny X-Men #6 will be drawn by Paco Medina well as the previously solicited Ken Lashley. Hercules #6 will be drawn by Dalibor Talajic, not the previously solicited Emilio Laiso. Action Comics #50 was solicited with art by Aaron Kuder but he was joined by David Messina, Javi Fernandez, Bruno Redondo and Vicente Cifuentes Batman… Read more »

Play As Nightwing, Catwoman, Robin, Azreal, The Red Hood And More In Arkham Knight Mod

The PC version of the Arkham Knight has had a rough week. The game had to be pulled from Steam’s store and refunds have been given out to a lot of customers. It’s been a pretty big deal. Here is a neat bit of news though regarding the PC version. This new mod from Batman Arkham… Read more »

See The Red Hood In Action In This New Arkham Knight Trailer

We caught a brief glimpse of the Red Hood gameplay last week in a brief trailer wrapped in a pretty morbid joke. This week though, we’ve gotten a much better look as this new trailer shows the Red Hood wailing on these bad guys like no one’s business. If I’m not mistaken, this is the… Read more »

GameStop Exclusive Arkham Knight Red Hood Trailer Is Pretty Morbid

There are quite a lot of DLC incentives coming to Arkham Knight. Be it a retailer exclusive, PlayStation 4 exclusive, pre-order exclusive or Season Pass exclusive, it seems it will be very hard to honestly own all the content from day one. If you want to play as the Red Hood, for example, you’ll need… Read more »

The Six Important Moments From This Week’s Gotham – Red Hood

This is a spoiler warning… the writer of this column would like to let you know that the following article contains spoilers from last night’s episode of Gotham… the is only a spoiler warning. With the seventeenth episode of Gotham, the shows writers decided to give us a big push towards the season finale with… Read more »

How The Red Hood Changes Gotham

On the next episode of Gotham, we see the introduction of the Red Hood Gang. Where comic readers know the significance of the Red Hood in both Joker’s history and the return of Jason Todd… in Gotham it’s more of a symbolic kicking open the door to masks and costumed personas. This behind the scenes… Read more »

Doomed And Red Hood/Arsenal By Scott Lobdell For DC Comics Relaunch (UPDATE)

Doomed is a new series by Scott Lobdell and Javier Rendandez for the DC June mini-relaunch. Note the title is in the Wicked, Frozen. Tangled mode… teenage Doomsday anyone? Upset that no one understands his desire to kill Superman? UPDATE: Artist Javier Fernandez has posted the cover and black-and-white to Doomed, saying To create a character… Read more »

DC Comics Cancels 6 More Comics – Earth 2, Justice League Dark, Justice League 3000, Supergirl, Batman And Robin, Red Hood And The Outlaws, Green Lantern

If these are the twenty-four surviving DC Comics titles into June 2015, untouched (aside by creative teams) by the mini-relaunch we’ve been covering this morning. Action Comics, Aquaman, Batgirl, Batman, Detective Comics, Batman/Superman, Catwoman, Deathstroke, The Flash, Gotham Academy, Gotham By Midnight, Grayson, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Justice League, Justice League United, Lobo,… Read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes – Rat Queens To Red Hood

A look through a few solicitations changes between Previews and publication…. Guardians Team-Up #2 will now have cover art by Stephanie Roux, above. All New X-Factor #20 will have art by Carmine Dia Giandomenico and Will Sliney, not the previously solicited Alex Garner. Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #4 will now have art by Iban Soria as well… Read more »

Your DC Futures This Week, Both Fifty And Thirty-Five Years Away, With Batman And Robin, Batman/Superman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Superman/Wonder Woman (In That Order), Teen Titans, Batwoman, New Guardians, Superirl, Pandora, Red Hood And The Outlaws

Just as in the first and second weeks, we’re beginning to build up a bigger idea of what is and what is not behind all this… In Futures End: Batman And Robin, Batman gets his new Robin, even if everything else falls apart. And there is the hint that the revival of Damian Wayne may… Read more »

52 Thoughts About 51 Comics – Original Sin, Hulk Vs Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Dicks, Harley Quinn, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Adventure Time, X-Men Anniversary, Batwoman, Robin Rises, Teen Titans, Batman Eternal, Futures End, Red Hood, X-Men, BPRD, Brain Boy, Eye Of Newt, Rat Queens, Squidder, Crossed, Secret Avengers, Stray Bullets, Legenderry, Ghost, X-Files, Shadow, My Little Pony, Devilers, Last Broadcast, Ash, Littlest Pet Shop, Translucid, The Last Fall, Judge Dredd, Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce, Wildfire, Doberman, TMNT, Life With Archie, Next Testament, Sons Of Anarchy, Black Market, Doodle Jump, Captain Action Cat, Lady Zorro, The Wicked + The Divine, Dark Age And God Is Dead

Tony Stark, trying to woo Bruce Banner in Original Sin #3.2. You can see the love in his eyes can’t you? How could Bruce Banner resist… Just don’t make him tipsy. You wouldn’t like it when he’s tipsy. Also, best last line of any comic book this week… How to make a raccoon do what you… Read more »

Scott Lobdell Takes On The Internet In Red Hood And The Outlaws #32

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Scott Lobdell‘s work. I think Generation X with Chris Bachalo was probably his high point for me, and I enjoyed that very much. In the Nineties. But while the man has received much criticism and disdain for his New 52 work, I think I’ve started to turn a… Read more »

47 Thoughts About 47 Comics – Forever Evil, Original Sin, Batman Eternal, Saga, Harley Quinn, Magnus, The Shadow x2, Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, Velvet, Prophet, Solar, Doop, Rogue Trooper, Red Hood, Star Mage, Batman And Frankenstein, Wonder Woman, Batman/Superman, Justice League Of America, Hulk, Windblade, Star Slammers, Indestructible, THUNDER Agents, Invincible, East Of West, Mind The Gap, Zero, TMNT, V Wars, 7th Sword, Dexter’s Lab, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Monster & Madman, Artifacts, Battlestar Galactica, Pathfinder, Flash Gordon, Rocket Girl, Six Million Dollar Man, Green Hornet, The Bunker and Amy Devlin

StephanieBrownWatch: There is no Stephanie Brown comic today. Welcome to #BatWorldProblems in Batman Eternal. So where can you go for a little female action in today’s comics? Thank you Magnus #3. I’m sure everyone will get the joke. Everyone. The Shadow: Moscow #1 from Howard Chaykin counts us down into The Week In Kissing. Because there… Read more »

Your Red Hood And The Outlaws Cover Rage May Begin Now – DC Solicitations For June 2014 (UPDATED)

You got sneak cover peek this morning. Now welcome to the DC Comics Solicitations for June 2014. We’ll update as DC Comics does… so yes, there’s a confirmation of the last issue of Larfleeze. But we also get the return of Tiny Titans! Another set of New 52 and DC Vertigo solicits to go… And Scott… Read more »

Bizarre Breasts: Starfire In Today’s Red Hood And The Outlaws

The website Sequential Tart used to run a regular column, Bizarre Breasts, looking at particular extremes of anatomy in comic books, especially those concerning the female mammary gland. The last example they ran was back in 2012, but reading today’s Red Hood And The Outlaws, I couldn’t help but be drawn by Starfire’s examples, in… Read more »

James Tynion Off Red Hood, On Nightwing, Talon To Be Cancelled? (UPDATE)

I understand that James Tynion, recently appointed the new writer on Red Hood And The Outlaws, is to leave the book rather soon. Possibly before his January solicited #27? Not sure. But expect a fill-in to follow him, so it looks as if things may have happened in a hurry. UPDATE: We did contact Tynion… Read more »

Cammy’s Covers – From Red Hood And The Outlaws To The Gamma One-Shot

Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool:  Red Hood and the Outlaws #22 by Guillem March Ah yes, the classic Yin-Yang pose with an added dash of sex appeal. I enjoy Starfire’s painted hair style, for the flames really blend well together as she propels upwards. The shine on her outfit also works very well, for… Read more »