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Vixen Is A Key Member Of The Justice Society Of America

While at Comic-Con last month, DC All-Access talked with the cast of Legends of Tomorrow about where there characters are as the new season begins. Two of the big things coming out of these interviews are the confirmation that Nick Zano’s character will become Citizen Steel and Maisie Richardson-Sellers tells us that her version of… Read more »

Justice Society Of America Table… That’s Not From Ikea

Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted out a picture of the table for the Justice Society of America. Now looking at the set, it has that 1930’s or 1940’s feel to it, so maybe that’s when the new storyarc takes place. Or at least part of the arc as we get two versions… Read more »

DC Comics Rebirth: A New Justice Society Of America Ongoing Title To Launch

I understand that, as part of the upcoming DC Rebirth project, DC Comics will be launching a new Justice Society Of America comic book. Currently in the New 52, there was no Justice Society in the forties fighting in World War II. The analogous team fought on Earth 2 instead. But now, not only will… Read more »

Geoff Johns… Is The Justice Society Calling?

Bleeding Cool has previously reported that DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns has been ordered that he may write no more than two comic books a month. Currently that is Justice League and Superman. Would he sacrifice one for another title? On Twitter last night, Geoff Johns teased his followers, saying, I miss writing the Justice… Read more »

Did Stormwatch #5 Give Us A Glimpse Of The Justice Society?

We’ve mentioned before how Stormwatch is meant to be one of the key books of the New DC 52 continuity. It’s the book where Pandora’s identity and importance will be revealed, and it looks key to many other stories too. From just one panel in Stormwatch #5. We know that Stormwatch is the future of… Read more »

Robin, Son Of Batman, Justice League 3001 And Earth 2 Society Replace Cancelled Titles

Well, some books that were cancelled have been relaunched in interesting ways. First, Patrick Gleason will be writing and drawing Robin, Son Of Batman, starring Damian and replacing the Batman And Robin series that he drew. Then Justice League 3000 skips a year and becomes Justice League 3001 with the same creative team of Keith Giffen… Read more »

A Quarter To Midnight – A Few Thoughts About DC Universe: Rebirth #1… And Justice League #50

It’s on sale. Forbidden Planet in London opened a couple of hours ago. DC Universe: Rebirth #1 is on the shelf, along with a bunch of other comics. Now Advance copies of DC Universe: Rebirth #1 have been dissected by a number of sites, but I think there’s plenty more to talk about. Continuity technicalities first…. Read more »

Before There Is A Rebirth Of The Justice League, “One Of Us Is Going To Die”

As one of their media partners, DC Comics PR have given CBR a preview of this week’s Justice League #48. The continuity of exactly when the current League storyline fits in with the lives of its members may be a little up in the air. Maybe that is something to be rebirthed as well. But the preview… Read more »

Frankensteining DC’s November 2015 Solicitations – Justice League To Dark Knight (UPDATE)

Thanks to Comicosity, Newsarama, Comic Vine, 13th Dimension, ComicBook, Comics Alliance, CBR, Multiversity and DC… piecing together DC Comics’ solicitations for November 2015, piece by piece by piece. BATMAN BEYOND #6 Written by DAN JURGENS Art and cover by BERNARD CHANG LOONEY TUNES Variant cover by CRAIG ROUSSEAU On sale NOVEMBER 4 • 32 pg,… Read more »

SDCC’15 – New DC Universe: Justice For All: Are You Ready?

By Joe Glass DC panel covering new titles and new takes on characters as part of their massive overhaul of their lineup over the last few months. Presented by IGN, they showed a bunch of commercials to begin…as everyone seems to be doing this year. Advertising DC All Access, and the Are You Ready campaign… Read more »

Writer’s Commentary – Justice, Inc. Book Two And Three

Continuing Michael Uslan’s writer commentary on the collected series Justice, Inc. that stars The Avenger, The Shadow and Doc Savage for Dynamite Entertainment. Book 2: Not only did I get to use Howard Hughes from my previous Dynamite graphic novel, but now I also get to use again good old J. Edgar Hoover. What fun!… Read more »

Did The Solicitation For Earth 2 Society Spoil The Whole Of Convergence?

Mark Bristow writes, What is Convergence? Convergence is DC’s newest big cross-over event, featuring the appearance of dozens of old DCU characters and storylines that were left behind after the Flashpoint even and 2011’s New 52 line-wide relaunch. It also serves as a publishing gap as DC moves their offices to Burbank. So far, DC… Read more »

Talking Pulps With Michael Uslan – Justice Inc #3

Nancy Collins, writer of the Vampirella: Prelude to Shadows one shot, talks with writer Michael Uslan about Justice INC #3, both on sale Oct. 22 Nancy Collins: Were you familiar with the adventures of Doc Savage, The Shadow and The Avenger before taking on the writing chores for Justice Inc? Michael Uslan: Ooooh, yeah! I… Read more »

Thor’s Comic Review Column – Multiversity: Society of Superheroes, Sirens #1, Futures End Month: Week 3

This Week’s Comics Include: The Multiversity: Society of Superheroes: Conquerors from the Counter-World Sirens #1 Futures End Month, Week 3 The Multiversity: Society of Superheroes: Conquerors from the Counter-World #1 ($4.99, DC) By D.S. Randlett (@dsrandlett) This is a ridiculous long game. Everybody remembers Action Comics #9 and the storyline that came after right, with… Read more »

38 Thoughts About 38 Comics – Outcast, Saga, Trees, Chew, Revival, C.O.W.L, Justice League, Futures End, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Batman Eternal, New Avengers Annual, Uncanny Avengers, Batman, Original Sins, Savage Hulk, Wolverine, X-Force, Invincible, X-Files, Turok, Flash Gordon, Dejah Of Mars, Solar, Super Secret Crisis War, Transformers x2, 24, Deceivers, Green Hornet, Bravest Warriors, Amazing World Of Gumballs, Clockwork Angels, Nightbreed, Peanuts, 7th Sword, Ghostbusters, My Little Pony And Turtles

Batman, the great detective there, using his master skills of deduction, in Justice League #32. Are they going to be able to put this frog back in the box any time soon? That war with Earth 2… could that be coming next May on the 30th anniversary of Crisis On Infinite Earths? Futures End provides… Read more »

45 Thoughts About 45 Comics – Batman Eternal, Batgirl, Amazing Spider-Man, Detective Comics, Futures End, Justice League Unlimited, Secret Avengers, Deadpool, The Royals, Superman/Wonder Woman, All-New X-Men, Twilight Zone, Pathfinder, Manifest Destiny, Revenge, Starlight, Real Heroes, God Is Dead, Uber, Crossed, Legenderry, That’s Because You’re A Robot, Ash, Blackout, Moriarty Lives, Blood Queen, Rogue Trooper, Dexters Lab, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Sinister Dexter, Star Trek, Transformers, Wraith, Angry Birds, Pestilence, Wasteland, Sixth Gun, Star Wars, Edgar Allen Poe, Abe Sapien, Bloodshot, Tales Of Honor, Armor Hunters, Archer And Armstrong And Wildfire

Another week, another bevy of new comic books to dive face first into… The Twilight Zone Annual raises that terrible danger, that of social media! It’s a clear and present danger in today’s society and something that must be destroyed/feared/demonised or… something. But is this taking the issue too far? I mean what harm can… Read more »

Michael Uslan Talks The Avenger, The Shadow And Doc Savage – Justice, Inc.

Some pulp characters have stood the test of time like The Shadow, Doc Savage and The Phantom… while others have lived in more obscurity, cherished by the true fans of the genre but ignored by the general public. The Avenger is one such hero, but now Dynamite has brought the character back in his own… Read more »

Thursday Runaround – Justice Lag Of America

Okay, in a few hours I’m off to the red carpet for the British Captain America premiere. I know you folk had one first in the States this time, but now it’s our turn. And I promise not to jump the turnstile, dodging security guards to pin a spoiler on a star’s chest as I… Read more »

Twenty-Five Thoughts About Twenty-Five Comics – Red Lanterns, ARGUS, Flash, Catwoman, Sinister Dexter, Green Team, Deadworld, GI Joe, Teen Titans, Aquaman, Atomic Robo, Rachel Rising, Jonah Hex, Dead Boy Detectives, Justice League Dark, Superman Unchained, Revelations, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Savage Wolverine, New Avengers, Artifacts, Hawken Melee, THUNDER Agents, Legenderry And Dredd Classic

My, that’s one serious allegy to cats, courtesy of Red Lanterns. Well, Forever Evil: ARGUS, it all depends whether it’s original Matrix, or Matrix Revelations. We were just talking about a dearth of female super villains in today’s comics, and then DC give us a bunch, including Flash. And how villainous they are as well! … Read more »

Twenty-One Christmassy Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics – Avengers, Forever Evil, Origin II, Justice League, Saviors, Robotech/Voltron, Doctor Who, Action Bible, Alter Ego, Hide, Sir Roland, Winter City, Trench Coat Samurai, Synergy, 1001 Nights, The Bunker, Chainmail, Monsters Of The Silver Age, Rocket Robinson, Strange Symmetry And Slumdroid

Not many comics out in print today. Don’t worry, we have a solution. Keep reading. Avengers #24.NOW is the most Christmassy comic book printed today, in so far as much as it actually gets mentioned. And also shows us that the Avengers from 3030 also know Christmas. Fox News, relax, your war on War Against… Read more »