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Thirteen Years Experience by Joel Ronson #9: Watching The Superheroes

A hit at the Kapow comic convention in London, Joel Ronson is a thirteen year old young man (happy birthday Joel!) who loves comic books. And wants to let other people in on it. He writes for Bleeding Cool when he’s not got homework. I finally got round to seeing Captain America: The First Avenger… Read more »

Joel Ronson’s Dad Goes On Patrol With Phoenix Jones, Real Life Super Hero

Jon Ronson is best known amongst Bleeding Cool as the father of our twelve year old columnist Joel Ronson (currently taking a well earned summer break). But amongst less enlightened fellows, he’s known as an observational columnist with a knack for placing himself in ridiculous situations next to larger than life figures, then reporting it… Read more »

Twelve Years Experience by Joel Ronson – A Weekend Full Of Kapow

Joel Ronson is a new writer for Bleeding Cool. A hit at the Kapow comic convention in London this weekend, he is a twelve year old young man who loves comic books. And wants to let other people in on it. He also happens to be the son of Jon Ronson. Welcome to Bleeding Cool,… Read more »

Kapow 2012: Day One

Just back home from Kapow, the second such annual event from Titan, Brightstar and Mark Millar, taking place in Islington, North London. The show saw Jonathan Ross taking to the wrestling ring and showing off the skills he’s been learning the past few weeks. Eric Stephenson and Shaun Kirkman punting volume after volume after volume… Read more »

From The Son Of Bryan Talbot…

We have a bit of a thing about children at Bleeding Cool. No, not like that. But Josh Adams, son of Neal Adams, has been a regular contributor (and is threatening to be one again), Joel Ronson (currently taking a summer holiday) is the son of Jon Ronson, Andrew Wheeler of No More Mutants is… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 20th June 2011

Jack Kirby’s preferred artwork that could have been taken to the stars by our probes. I see no wisdom in the eagerness to be found and approached by any intelligence with the ability to accomplish it from any sector of space. In the meetings between “discoverers” and “discoverees,” history has always given the advantage to… Read more »

The Twelve DC Relaunch Books We’re Most Excited About Here At Bleeding Cool

Everyone’s talking DC relaunch. Yes, even you. And it’s the same at Bleeding Cool Towers as well. So I asked ten writers for Bleeding Cool to tell us which, of the fifty-two issue launches, they are most excited about. Here’s what we thought. Greg Baldino – Blue Beetle Out of all the relaunches coming from… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 6th June 2011

This week, there has been one story on Bleeding Cool, told many many many times…. Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week 1. DC Relaunch: Batgirl #1 And Nightwing #1 2. DC Relaunch: Ten Issue Ones Announced For DC 3. DC Relaunch: Full JLA Art Including Flash and Batman Designs 4. DC Relaunch: The New… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 23rd May 2011

Apologies to any non-Brits, the above strip won’t make a lick of sense. But then we get baseball films, so I think we’re even. Top Ten Traffic Stories Of The Week 1. DC Comics To Relaunch Everything 2. I’ve Seen X-Men First Class 3. First Image Of Tom Hardy As Bane 4. Bleeding Cool Asks… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 16th May 2011

Alpha Flight, from Comic Book Queers… this was the week where Josh Hoopes came back in a most unexpected way, DC abandoned market share for the last week in August, Disney made their mark on the way Marvel works internationally, Wonder Woman did something very naughty, and comic book TV adaptations had a few problems…… Read more »