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Frankensteining DC Comics Solicitations For June 2015 (UPDATE x5)

Thanks to Newsarama, CBR, ComicBook, Uproxx, Hitfix, Nerdist, EW and Topless Robot let’s piece what we can together for DC Comics’ solicitations for June… some of these probably belong in July, but we can keep updating this as we go along… UPDATE: We can confirm, no sign of JL United, Cyborg, Mystic U, Dark Universe for June, pushing them into… Read more »

Frankensteining DC Comics' Solicitations For May 2015 Together (UPDATE)

Thanks to, Blastr, ComicVine, CBR, Hitfix, IGN, Nerdist, Newsarama, Gamma Squad and Topless Robot… what do we have? Rev up the oscillator! Raise the conducting pole! Attach the bolts! It lives! It lives! DC solicitations for May 2015…. Note the repeated line about “This extra-sized issue includes a sneak peek at what’s coming up in the… Read more »

7 Things To Note From DC Comics' Solicitations For March 2015

One. Thirteen of DC Comics’ ongoing books come to an end in March, Green Lantern Corps, Star Spangled War Stories, Infinity Man And The Forever People, Secret Origins, Red Lanterns, Swamp Thing, Aquaman And The Others, Klarion, Trinity Of Sin, Batwoman, World’s Finest, Arkham Manor, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us Year Three) as well as the weekly titles… Read more »

Your Red Hood And The Outlaws Cover Rage May Begin Now - DC Solicitations For June 2014 (UPDATED)

You got sneak cover peek this morning. Now welcome to the DC Comics Solicitations for June 2014. We’ll update as DC Comics does… so yes, there’s a confirmation of the last issue of Larfleeze. But we also get the return of Tiny Titans! Another set of New 52 and DC Vertigo solicits to go… And Scott… Read more »

DC Comics' Graphic Novels And Collections For 2014 - Starting With Frank Quitely.

Years before All Star Superman, years before New X-Men, even before Flex Mentallo, Frank Quitely contributed to the much-mourned Big Books line from Piranha Press for DC Comics, anthologies of themed short stories. Graphic Ink: The DC Comics Art of Frank Quitely will be collecting all of these along with his covers for All Star… Read more »

Harley Quinn #0 Launches - And Other November 2013 Solicitations From DC

The DC solicitations for November are eeking out. One interesting aspect of the Zero Year crossover is that by telling early character stories, it gets away from revealing what may have happened to lots of the superheroes after Forever Evil. Until tomorrow at least. We get the new Harley Quinn monthly comic, starting with an… Read more »

May 2013 Solicitations For Boom, Dynamite, IDW And Valiant

Plenty of licenses, plenty of creator-owned books, plenty of franchises and plenty of ponies. Welcome to the comics of Boom, Dynamite, IDW and Valiant in May 2013… BOOM ADVENTURE TIME ANNUAL #1 $4.99 Author(s): Roger Langridge, Derek Fridolfs, & many more Artist(s): Roger Langridge, Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Nguyen, & many more Cover Artist(s): A: Ale… Read more »

Full DC Solicitations For May 2013. Apart From Green Lantern And Edge...

Thanks to Comic Book Resources, IGN, Newsarama, Comic Vine, MTV, Comics Alliance and iFanboy, here’s the DC Solicitations for May 2013. Except… there’s none of the Green Lantern group solicitations. And why? I don’t know. But someone thinks I should… something they don’t want to announce before the DC Creative Summit? So nobody speculating on… Read more »

A Justice League #1 Review From The Man Who Owes His Life To Geoff Johns (UPDATE)

Siike Donnelly is a creator for Arcana, on Heaven’s Echo. At San Diego, he shared with the DC panel how he believes Geoff Johns’ work saved his life. He’s just read the new Justice League and wants to share with us his thoughts… Justice League #1 is the joining of one of the comic industry’s… Read more »

Jim Lee And Geoff Johns Talk DC Relaunch On Stage In LA

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns just took the stage to talk about the DC Comics relaunch as part of the LA Times’ Hero Complex Film Festival.  There were lots of rumors flying about this event earlier tonite, which I think mirrors the incredible level of interest in what they’re attempting to accomplish here. I’m watching Twitter… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 6th June 2011

This week, there has been one story on Bleeding Cool, told many many many times…. Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week 1. DC Relaunch: Batgirl #1 And Nightwing #1 2. DC Relaunch: Ten Issue Ones Announced For DC 3. DC Relaunch: Full JLA Art Including Flash and Batman Designs 4. DC Relaunch: The New… Read more »

[UPDATE] Jim Lee: “I won’t f*#k this up”, Plus Your Handy DC Comics Reboot Roundup

[UPDATED] Well then. I think that was the busiest day on the comics internet since Bleeding Cool’s inception. And it was certainly Bleeding Cool’s busiest day ever, two days running, which is pretty appropriate considering we’re two years old today. I kinda like this tweet from Jim Lee earlier and think it sums up the… Read more »

DC Relaunch: Full JLA Art including Flash & Batman Designs, Hawkman #1 With Robinson & Tan, Birds Of Prey #1 Without Gail Simone?

Still not done quite yet. The full version of that Jim Lee JLA art has emerged over the past couple hours. I first saw it from the sharp-eyed DC Women Kicking Ass, it may have first surfaced in this IGN story. CBR’s Kiel Phegley has a good article that starts to fill out some emerging… Read more »

9-11 In Comic Books by Ian Mat

Ian Mat looks how comics and the comics industry responded to the events of September 11th 2001. Nine years ago today saw 19 terrorists kill 2,977 people and destroy the World Trade Center in New York City. The comics industry rallied to provide what aid they could to the emergency relief efforts in the only… Read more »